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Another Happy Customer!
Another Happy Customer!

I have shopped at RockAuto several times now for everything from serpentine belts, struts, shocks and brakes. I cannot thank you enough for making auto repair affordable again. You guys beat the pants off the discount places...and you deliver to my door!

Brian in Michigan

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Need goody bag items and a gift certificate for your show? RockAuto can help! Email for more information.

2 The Rod Run
Post Falls, ID Email
3 Cruise in for a Cause Bike & Car Show
Machesney Park, IL Email
3 Vettes, Rods & Classics
Gahanna, OH Email
3 14th Annual Old Time Cruise to Estacada
Estacada, OR Email
3 America’s Sports Car in America’s Home Town
Hannibal, MO Email
3 Rods-N-Ribs
Roseville, CA Email
3 Pack the Park Car Club Car, Truck & Tractor Show
Decherd, TN Email
3 2019 Warbird Cruise In
Peru, IN Email
4 Kyron's Car Show
Hillsboro, OR Email
4 Old Settlers Car Show
Hillsboro, IL Email
4 International Car Show
Newport, VT Email
4 Washington Cruisers Car Club Supercruise
Washington, PA Email
6 NCPD Annual NNO Classic Car Show
New Carrollton, MD Email
8 21st Annual 4x4 TRJC Blast
Pittsfield, IL Email
9 St. Catharines Show n' Shine Car Show
St. Catharines, ON, Canada Email
10 9th Annual Charity Car Show & Auction
Orrington, ME Email
10 REACH Car & Bike Show
Kansas City, MO Email
10 Door County Sports & Classic Car Show
Egg Harbor, WI Email
10 Saint Thomas More Anything on Wheels Show
Mooresville, IN Email
10 Marshall Lions Riverfest Car Show
Marshall, WI Email
11 Horsepower Meets Horse Power
Stockbridge, MA Email
11 Rockaway Township Unico Charity Motorcycle Run
Rockaway Township, NJ Email
11 Streetfest Cruise
Woodstock, ON, Canada Email
11 Deuces Wild Poker Run
Wilsonville, OR Email
11 Riverfest Auto Show
Watertown, WI Email
Power Stop Brake Kit Instant Rebate
See what we have from Power Stop
Power Stop Rebate

Have you been considering a brake upgrade to provide additional corrosion protection against the elements? Does increased stopping power when towing or hauling sound like something your truck or SUV needs? Now is your time to upgrade!

From now through August 7, 2019, Power Stop is offering RockAuto customers a 10% instant rebate on two of their popular Rotor & Brake Pad Kits.

Evolution Geomet Coated - Power Stop’s Evolution Geomet Coated Rotor & Brake Pad Kits feature rotors that are fully coated, including inside the vanes, to extend rotor life and maintain that “like new” look behind open wheels. These kits also include Power Stop’s Z17 Clean Ride Ceramic brake pads that significantly reduce brake dust. If you are looking for a solution to rust related braking problems for your car, truck or SUV, the Evolution Geomet Coated kit by Power Stop is a cost-effective solution!

Z36 Truck & Tow - Power Stop’s Z36 Truck & Tow Rotor & Brake Pad Kits are specifically designed for trucks and SUVs used for towing and hauling, or modified trucks with lifted suspension and/or larger wheel upgrades. Each kit includes drilled and slotted performance rotors for maximum cooling and Carbon-Fiber Ceramic brake pads that provide severe-duty stopping power without sacrificing everyday drivability. This combination of rotors and pads delivers the extreme braking performance hardworking vehicles need!

To see the Power Stop Rotor & Brake Pad Kits we have for your vehicle, go to the RockAuto catalog and click on the "Brake & Wheel Hub" category and look for the parts with a "Star in catalog". Simply put a featured Power Stop kit in your cart to instantly save 10% off RockAuto's already reliably low prices.

Forum of the Month is a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts of Volkswagen's New Beetle. The site features photos, discussions, chat and more. How-To's, modifications, common issues and more for all models of the New Beetle and the 2012+ Beetle are discussed in this friendly and popular forum.

If you are the administrator or member of a forum and you would like to see your website featured in an upcoming newsletter and receive a discount code to share with your members, contact

Repair Mistakes & Blunders
Repair Mistakes & Blunders

Back in my early 20s, I had a '67 Chevelle which I changed the motor on numerous times. One of my most memorable motors was an all black and chrome high performance small block. After adjusting the valves, I took it out to the highway for a road test. After 10 seconds, smoke started pouring out from under the hood, making it look like a car from a James Bond movie. I limped the car home, opened the hood, and oil had soaked the entire engine bay. After washing the motor down and topping off the oil, I started it to find the leak. Goosing the gas repeatedly, no oil was seen. It was odd due to how much was under the engine bay but, I just could not find the source of the leak. So once again, I took it out onto the highway and sure enough, the smoke comes pouring out again. I pulled over and yep, oil all over the engine bay again.

I dragged it back home, cleaned it again and ran it for over an hour and still, not a drop leaked from anywhere. So being the glutton for punishment that I am, once again I took it onto the highway where yep, you guessed it...smoke started billowing out from under the hood.

Being as frustrated as I was, I elected to pull the motor (thankfully, the engine removal on that car was less than a couple hours of work due to the amount of room underhood), and as the engine is just about to clear the radiator support, there it was (or in this case was not). The bolt that should have been in the fuel pump rod hole was missing! I could see the shaft clear as day. Apparently, revving the engine did not allow enough oil to pass through, but at higher RPMs and under load, the oil would pour out. Having painted the block black definitely did not help in diagnosing the issue either.

Needless to say, I found the correct bolt to take up residence in the hole, dropped the engine back in and happily motored on until it was time for a more powerful motor a couple years later. I made sure that one definitely had the fuel pump bolt in place...and was not painted black.

Anthony in New Jersey

Tell us about your most infamous auto repair blunder or unconventional fix. Use your woe to help others avoid similar mistakes or share off-the-wall solutions that worked (at least for a while!). Please email your story to Include your mailing address and if you would like a RockAuto T-Shirt (please let us know your shirt size) or Hat if we publish your story. See the T-Shirts and Hats under Tools & Universal Parts in the RockAuto catalog. The story will be credited using only your first name and your vague geographic location (state, province, country, continent, etc.) so you can remain semi-anonymous!

Automotive Trivia
Automotive Trivia

What relatively rare feature was available on the 1990 Honda Prelude, 2004 Chevrolet Silverado and 2017 Lamborghini Aventador?

A. airless, solid-core spare tire
B. four wheel steering
C. water injection

Answer below

Your EVAP System vs Rodent Teeth & Environmental Hazards
Tom's Story
2008 Audi A4 EVAP Part

Following the repair manual's instructions (found under "Literature" at and methodically testing each part in the Evaporative Emission (EVAP) system is a good idea, but if you have a choice, start with the parts exposed to the most dirt, salt, water, heat, rodent teeth and other environmental hazards.

In addition to a computer control module, EVAP systems typically include:

  • Vapor Canister (charcoal canister) where gasoline fumes from the fuel tank are collected
  • Vapor Canister Purge Valve/Solenoid that opens to send the gas fumes to the engine's intake manifold
  • Vapor Canister Vent Valve/Solenoid that opens to let in fresh air to replace the gasoline fumes
  • Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor that detects leaks when both the purge valve and vent valve are closed
  • Fuel Tank Cap, Vent Hose and other plumbing that can cause leaks if loose or worn
DORMAN Vapor Canister Vent Valve
2011 Chevy Silverado EVAP Part

Some vehicle manufacturers might combine some of these parts. For example, the Vapor Leak Detection Pumps used by BMW, Chrysler, VW and others provide the functions of both vent valve/solenoid and pressure sensor.

Vapor Canister Vent Valve/Solenoids and Vapor Leak Detection Pumps are especially susceptible to environmental damage because they have an opening to let in fresh air. Sometimes this air must pass through a robust air filter (see 2008 Audi A4 photo) and sometimes there is only a small sponge filter.

The Vapor Canister Vent Valve/Solenoid used in late-model Chevrolet and GMC pickups (see 2011 Chevy Silverado photo) is a good example of an original equipment (OE) design that is damage prone. Fresh air enters through a sponge filter near the fuel tank cap and then passes down through a hose to the vent valve/solenoid mounted below the truck bed.

My youngest daughter and I recently saw proof that the rear underside of a vehicle is under constant bombardment when we lowered the spare tire down from the bottom of her SUV. On top of the spare tire's wheel was a huge variety of grit that might make a geologist happy but is tough on dangling solenoids.

Dust/water eventually gets into the Vapor Canister Vent Valve/Solenoids on the Chevy/GMC pickups. Air passages get clogged and/or the solenoid stops moving. The check engine light comes on and an EVAP trouble code is stored. If the problem happens more frequently in cold weather, then that likely means water inside a valve/solenoid is freezing.

RockAuto's manufacturers often make EVAP diagnosis and repair easier by including new ancillary parts such as hoses, filters, etc. If valves/solenoids mount directly on the vapor canister, then the Vapor Canister may be available as an assembly that already includes those valves/solenoids. See EVAP parts for your specific vehicle listed under "Exhaust & Emission" and "Fuel & Air" in the catalog.

Tom Taylor,

To read more of Toms articles, click this link and choose from story titles on the Newsletter Archives page.

Chris' 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis
Chris' 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

This is a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis GS. Everything power, cloth velour seats, it is as comfortable as your couch and rides like a dream. And it also happens to be my wife’s favorite car in our fleet. Everyone that gets in (especially those under 30 years old) comments on the comfortable seats and smooth ride. Along with that, it has great power and handles wonderfully for a big car. It is also great for the long haul. You can really stretch out in the plush back seat, and the cavernous trunk can handle whatever you put in it. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

RockAuto has been my primary supplier of parts for this car. Suspension, brakes, exhaust, exterior/interior and engine parts. I have always been able to find what I need at RockAuto.

Chris in New York (RockAuto customer for over 4 years)

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Automotive Trivia Answer
Automotive Trivia

What relatively rare feature was available on the 1990 Honda Prelude, 2004 Chevrolet Silverado and 2017 Lamborghini Aventador?

A. airless, solid-core spare tire
Answer: B. four wheel steering
C. water injection

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