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Another Happy Customer!

Excellent selection of parts for any vehicle you can imagine! I like that they offer an array of options for each part you need so you can find something to fit your budget.

Tyler in Canada

Upcoming Events

Need goody bag items and a gift certificate for your show? RockAuto can help! Email for more information.

15 Nor'Wester Rally
Lewiston, ID Email
15 Back to School Run 2017
Granby, MA Email
15 Dash to the Dells 28
Wisconsin Dells, WI Email
15 Historic Saltsburg Car Cruise
Saltsburg, PA Email
16 5th Annual Car Show & Festival
Lancaster, SC Email
16 Clayton Harvest Festival Car Show
Clayton, NC Email
16 Palouse Day Show & Shine
Palouse, WA Email
16 Shade Tree 13th Annual Car Show
Sumner, GA Email
17 Race for the Cure Fundraiser
Duncan, SC Email
17 Kruise for Kids Charity Car Show
Hilliard, OH Email
17 End of Sumer Car Show
Sussex, NJ Email
19 Izzy's Classy Car Show
Springville, IA Email
20 Oklahoma Classic Bronco RoundUp
Hot Springs, AR Email
20 Cruise to the Monument
Angola, IN Email
21 Crusein Classic Cars Show
St. Clair Shores, MI Email
21 Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors
Telluride, CO Email
22 Vintage Yamaha Rally Southeast
Stecoah, NC Email
23 Hot Tamales Car Show
Frisco, TX Email
23 Nostalgia Drags
Milan, MI Email
23 Festa d'Italia & Motori d'Italia
Staten Island, NY Email
23 FCTS Cool Rides Car Show
Turners Falls, MA Email
24 Cars-N-Carroll Show & Shine
Carroll, NE Email
24 BCA 30th Annual Super Car Show
Belpre, OH Email
24 Westchester County Car Show
New Rochelle, NY Email
Bilstein Suspension and Steering Parts

RockAuto now carries the full Bilstein line: struts, shock absorbers, heavy duty and performance suspension kits, steering racks, steering dampers, air springs, coil springs and more! For more than 60 years, Bilstein has been the development partner of choice for the suspension systems of renowned auto makers. Bilstein is known for design, quality, handling, driving comfort and safety.

Increase the off-road capability of your 1990 Ford Bronco, restore the original ride of your 2000 Toyota Tacoma, enhance the road hugging characteristics of your 2016 BMW 328i or replace the damaged rack and pinion steering unit in your Mercedes SLK280. Find Bilstein parts for your specific car or truck in the "Suspension" and "Steering" categories of the RockAuto catalog.

Autoline Diesel Parts Instant Rebate

Autoline, a family owned parts remanufacturer based in Winnipeg, is offering RockAuto customers an exclusive, instant 10% savings on their Diesel "Fuel & Air" Parts (Injectors, Injector Driver Modules and more) through September 30th, 2017. That is 10% off RockAuto's reliably low prices!

Along with the savings Autoline has also doubled the warranty on their Diesel Fuel Parts to 24 months. Extra savings, increased warranty and the same excellent Autoline quality make this a deal you should not pass up!

Find Autoline Diesel Fuel Parts with instant 10% savings, listed under the "Fuel & Air" category for your specific vehicle in the RockAuto catalog. Parts included in the instant rebate (and other promotions/rebates) are marked with a Star in catalog.

Forum of the Month
> - Panther Headquarters

GrandMarq.Net - Panther Headquarters is a forum dedicated to the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Panther Chassis. Here you will find relevant topics on all of the Panther platform cars like the Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Continental and Town Car, Marauder and even the Colony Park and Country Squire wagons.

If you are the administrator or member of a forum and you would like to see your website featured in an upcoming newsletter and receive a discount code to share with your members, contact

Repair Mistakes & Blunders
Repair  Mistakes & Blunders

I am a pretty handy guy who likes to do everything on my own: autos, plumbing, electrical, woodworking, concrete... I have an older Honda Civic with over 200k miles. It is in pretty good shape due to preventative maintenance. A few years ago, I was cleaning the distributor cap and noticed some oil. So I bought the right size o-ring and popped it out and swapped the seal. The distributor shaft is keyed to fit into the camshaft, so there should be no way you could put it in wrong. Right? Errr...

Well, it just did not feel right when it went back in. I thought it felt a bit "odd." Nevertheless, I torqued down the distributor thinking there was no way it could have seated wrong. Well, you guessed it. I went to start the car and heard a dreadful click from a metal part snapping. I pulled the distributor out and found the tip of the camshaft had broken off. I stood there dumbfounded by my stupidity. I considered my options for repair and decided to replace it. Fortunately, I was able to get it off and back together without pulling the timing belt or cylinder head and the only damage appeared to be the crack in the camshaft. I was very lucky more vital engine parts were not damaged. Perhaps the moral of the story is if something is not going together right, back up, re-scrutinize and be sure all is correct before proceeding rather than assuming it could not go together wrong. Minor things done wrong can turn into a big problem quickly.

Steve in Michigan

keyed distributor shaft
"Keyed" Distributor Shaft

Tell us about your most infamous auto repair blunder or unconventional fix. Use your woe to help others avoid similar mistakes or share off-the-wall solutions that worked (at least for a while!). Please email your story to Include your mailing address and if you would like a RockAuto T-Shirt (please let us know your shirt size) or Hat if we publish your story. See the T-Shirts and Hats under Tools & Universal Parts in the catalog. The story will be credited using only your first name and your vague geographic location (state, province, country, continent, etc.) so you can remain semi-anonymous!

Automotive Trivia
Automotive Trivia

The "Knee Action" chapter in a 1930s era service manual covers what subject?

A. Independent Front Suspensions
B. Clutch Releasing and Engaging Mechanisms
C. Hand Crank Starting Procedures

Answer below

Pinch Welds and Jacks
Tom's Story

A pinch weld seam jutting out of the rocker panel makes it challenging to jack up the vehicle without crushing/scratching metal. Some jacks and jack stands come with U shaped fittings to wrap around pinch welds, but there is not one fitting that works well on every vehicle. The height and width of pinch welds vary. Many newer vehicles have plastic rocker panel covers that leave small openings only at the jacking points.

I personally solved the problem of jacking with pinch welds about a decade ago when I had a new composite (Trex brand) deck built on the back of my house. The carpenters left numerous small scraps of 4X4 inch composite plastic post scattered about. The scraps are thick enough to cover pinch welds and protect painted surfaces without being so tall that they become wobbly.

The composite material is easy to cut and shape. I set the blade on my table saw so it cuts slightly deeper than the height of the pinch weld. To help avoid crushing or splitting the composite block, I make sure the weight of the vehicle is resting on the block's flat surfaces rather than on the sharp edge of a pinch weld.

The composite material is easy to cut and shape

Two or three passes over the table saw blade makes the slot wide enough to slide over the pinch weld. One or two more saw blade widths might be necessary if the pinch weld arrived slightly bent up. Angling the table saw blade lets me cut the edges off composite blocks so they fit the small openings in specific plastic rocker panel covers.

I regularly misplace, find and make new composite weld seam blocks. Over the years, none of my blocks have worn out. Of course, when I jack up a vehicle, I always put multiple jack stands under it to ensure I remain safe if one of my homemade weld seam blocks, a jack stand, a hydraulic jack, etc. ever fails.

Tom Taylor,

To read more of Tom's articles, click this link and choose from story titles on the Newsletter Archives page.

Edward's 1948 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser

My car is a 1948 Studebaker Land Cruiser Commander Regal Deluxe. In its day, it was considered a limousine because of the suicide doors; it was easier for people to enter the back seat that way. The seat is like sitting on a couch. There is a foot rest behind the front seat, and there is a Robe/Cloak/Coat rack attached to the back of the front seat. This car is just like the very first car I had when I got my license, and it is fun to drive. It only has a flathead six but still moves along nicely with the "three on the tree" shifter. It has 30,000 original and verified miles on it, and I am the second owner. I bought all of the under-hood rubber parts (belts, hoses, etc.) recently from RockAuto along with parts for my wife's car, a 2005 Mazda 3.

I named her Elsie because it is a Landcruiser Commander, the first initials are L&C, hence the name.

Edward in Massachusetts

Share Your Hard Work
Do you purchase parts from RockAuto? If so, RockAuto would like to give you the opportunity to have your car or truck possibly featured in one (or occasionally more) of our publications such as the monthly newsletter, collector magnets or RockAuto social media. New, old, import, domestic, daily driver, trailer queen, classic, antique, we want to see them all! Please email with your vehicle's history, interesting details, your favorite images (tips for taking pictures of your car) and what parts from RockAuto you have used.

Automotive Trivia Answer
Automotive Trivia

The "Knee Action" chapter in a 1930s era service manual covers what subject?

Answer: A. Independent Front Suspensions
B. Clutch Releasing and Engaging Mechanisms
C. Hand Crank Starting Procedures


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