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More Happy Customers!

What I really like about RockAuto is that I can find genuine Motorcraft parts for my Cougar. Most of the big chain auto parts stores carry only lower quality "clone" parts.

Fast shipping and excellent service...thanks RockAuto!

Robert in Michigan

I ordered everything for a complete tune-up, and the prices were much lower than what we have paid around here. We saved over $40 by coming to RockAuto, even after I had it shipped 2-Day Express.

I only buy ACDelco parts, and RockAuto is the best place to get them, at the best price ever. I will always check with RockAuto before buying parts again.

I am extremely pleased with the service, shipping, and quality. What can I say, You ROCK!!!

Angel in Virginia



Expanded Customer Service Hours

Customer Service

In order to maintain the level of customer service that you expect and deserve from RockAuto, we have extended our customer service hours.

RockAuto office hours are now Monday - Friday 7am to 9pm, Saturdays & Sundays 8am to 3pm CST.

We look forward to serving you in 2006!



More Parts at RockAuto


RockAuto is happy to announce the addition of Dayco parts to our catalog.

Dayco has consistently invested in the "cutting edge" research & development technologies that are required for the design and manufacture of innovative automotive replacement belts, hoses, tensioners, and pulleys. As a result, Dayco is recognized worldwide, as a "standard setter" for the automotive industry.



What Does a Part Look Like?

More Info

Do you need to know what a part looks like? If there is a "More Info" button to the left of the price in the catalog, click on it to see an image and/or more information relating to the part.

Tip: A new browser window will open when you click the "More Info" button. If this does not happen, you may have a Pop-Up blocker running. Most blockers can be bypassed by holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard while clicking on the "More Info" button.



Timing Chain Maintenance Tip




Sealed Power

The engine crankshaft turns a timing chain or timing belt to spin the camshaft. Engines with worn out timing belts usually run fine until the belt breaks and the engine stops. High mileage timing chains often stretch long before they break and the engine will continue to run. A stretched timing chain might cause backfiring, loss of power, exhaust smoke, rough idle / acceleration, and other problems resulting from incorrect valve and ignition timing.

These symptoms can be hard to diagnose individually. Is the PCV valve loose? Is the catalytic converter clogged? Is a spark plug wire bad? Is the choke stuck? Did a sensor fail? To diagnose a stretched timing chain, consider the vehicle's repair history (the spark plug wires were replaced last month). Watch for ignition, exhaust, and fuel symptoms occurring all at once. Listen for noise from the timing chain cover as the loose chain rattles around on the chain sprocket, and consider the vehicle's mileage.

Replace the timing chain, sprockets, and other timing components as a set to avoid prematurely stretching a new chain with an old gear. RockAuto has all of the parts you need for this type of repair from several premium manufacturers. You will find these parts and much more in the ENGINE category of our catalog.



'74 Charger Has a New Home...In Belgium
Belgain Mopar 1 Belgain Mopar 2
Belgain Mopar 3 Belgain Mopar 4


Hello RockAuto,

3 years ago I was visiting friends in Appleton Wisconsin where I found a 1974 Dodge Charger. My son had always dreamt of having one, so I paid $2000 for the car, and had it shipped home to Belgium to begin the restoration.

Today, the Mopar is running very smooth and is almost done. I just need to put on the hood and doors.

Finding the parts I need for the Charger here in Europe is not easy and very expensive! But, thanks to RockAuto's good service and correct shipments, I could restore my first Mopar.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Clark in Antwerp Belgium


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