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Another Happy Customer!

I very much appreciate your service, your competitive prices, and mostly for putting a smile on my daughter's face. She literally could not see driving at night before replacing the headlight covers on her car. I bought various products in an attempt to clean them, but made it worse. Your website was one I could trust as being a legitimate site and your prices way beat your competitors and of course the dealers.

So thank you very much for offering a Honda original part at an affordable price. You guys are the best. I will definitely use your site again.

Les in Maryland


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3rd Annual Spring of Life Car & Truck Show
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Get Up To $30 Back!

Monroe Spring Brake Rebate
Offer ends May 31, 2008

Purchase one (1) set of Monroe® Ceramics or Monroe® Dynamics Premium Brake Pads get a $15 Rebate. Purchase two (2) sets of Monroe® Ceramics or Monroe® Dynamics Premium Brake Pads and get a $30 Rebate.

More Info on this and all other current promotions and rebates.



Tech Tip

Tech Tip

Here is a great tip from the RockAuto Part Advice Wiki posted by DaveWilliams.

2002 DODGE NEON SE Power Window Motor

Diagnosis and Part Selection Advice:
How did you know this part needed replacement? Why did you choose a certain brand/part number?

Window stopped working but could tell switch and wiring seemed to be OK because when I tried the bad window when the good window was in motion, the good window would slow down a little bit.

Part Comments:
What came in the box? Were additional nuts, bolts, sealant, etc. needed for the repair?

Box contained motor. No other parts needed.

Repair / Installation tips:
Special tools needed? Have to remove other parts to reach this one? Any left-hand threads, sharp edges, messy fluids or other pitfalls to avoid?

When removing the interior door panel, the ends of the white spring clips holding the lock and latch rods in place should be pushed toward the outside of the door to release. You do NOT have to remove the entire water shield. Three 10mm bolts hold the motor to the door. They are about 3-4 inches above and to the rear of the speaker opening. Cut around these or make a flap that can be taped up later. Cut another flap in the shield in the football sized opening at the bottom center of the door so you can reach inside and hold the motor while using a wrench through the hole where you removed the speaker with the other hand. Once the motor is loose from the door, it can be rotated to remove the gear from the opposite side. When reinstalling the gear, you might have to jiggle the window down a little to get the gears to mesh. When you have the new motor replaced, tape up the cuts you made in the water shield. The toughest part of this repair was getting the various electrical connectors loose. Just take your time and don't break them.



The Law Says...


Britax Lap Top pad
Britax Lap Top pad

posted 2-11-08
Helpful reader, Melissa, reports finding another restraint system designed for lap belts called Kid Y Harness. Information on Kid Y Harness is available at

Do you need to transport young children in an older car and worry you are breaking booster seat laws or putting the kids at risk? I faced that predicament. I have young children and old vehicles. None of my cars have air bags in the dash or shoulder belts in the back seat. Did booster seat laws apply to my lap belts?

Many areas have laws requiring booster seats for children between four and eight years old. Children out grow car seats with integral seat belt harnesses around their fourth birthday or when they hit about 40 lbs. (18 kg) or 43 in. (110 cm) in height. From that point on, the laws say they must sit on a booster seat and be restrained by the vehicle’s lap/shoulder belt. Some areas also have laws prohibiting young children from riding in the front seat if a back seat is available.

These laws are in response to the potential danger to young children sitting too close to air bags or using improperly positioned shoulder belts. However, that is not usually the way the laws are publicized. The government agencies want to keep the message simple. The announcement is usually something like: “The law says put your kid in a booster seat!”

Unfortunately, the message is not that simple and pretending older cars do not exist might actually expose some children to greater risk. Millions of vehicles with lap belts are still on the road. Even some late model cars only have lap belts in the middle of the back seat. The warning labels attached to booster seats specifically say not to use booster seats with only lap belts. The labels say booster seats require lap/shoulder belt combinations to be used safely.

Warning labels are ubiquitous these days and I do not read many of them anymore. Luckily I read the warning label on the booster seat I bought. I then asked questions until my State Police told me the booster seat law did not apply to vehicles (or individual seats) with only lap belts. It took lots of asking before I found somebody that understood my question and I expect some police officers out there still might not know booster seat laws do not apply to cars originally equipped with only lap belts.

So we only use our booster seat when we travel and rent cars. One helpful government person did tell me about a restraint system designed for use with lap belts. It is a large pad that sits in front of the child and has a slot for the lap belt. I bought one because it seemed a logical way to make a lap belt even more effective. Unfortunately, I just visited the manufacturer (Britax) website, and their Lap Top pad is now listed as a “Retired Product”. I am not aware of any other lap belt enhancement products. So lap belts au naturel is the only option!

Tom Taylor,



Paul's 1965 Willys
Pauls 1965 Willys

We have a 1965 Willys Station Wagon that needed a brake update from front drums to discs. I was unable to get a pair of '78/79 Jeep CJ5 disc brake rotors, or Dorman lug studs, at the local parts stores but got excellent service from RockAuto. The packages arrived within four working days and all the paperwork was in order. Up here in Canada we often get dinged for expensive border brokerage fees and duty on imported goods from the States. But with RockAuto's "Ground Canada (Duty included, GST paid)" shipping system, there were no surprises.

Paul in Vancouver, BC, Canada


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