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More Happy Customers!

Just wanted to say my valves arrived today, and I really... REALLY appreciate it! Nothing like breaking a timing belt on a freezing winter morning and then, after getting the head off, finding out that NO ONE IN THE MILLION + PEOPLE CITY OF DENVER CARRIES MY VALVES!

It's been a long week of mooching rides to work and back, but thanks to you, I can get my car on the road again.

Mike in Colorado

Great selection, great pricing and excellent service.

The customer service rep I talked to when I called regarding a quantity clarification left me with the impression that she actually wanted to do business with me. The correct parts delivered to a small town in another country in 3 1/2 days, awesome.

Thank you,
Ron in SK Canada


Upcoming Events
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Corvette Club of Orlando Car Show
Windermere, FL

20th Annual Roundup
Haltom City, TX

Lonestar Early Bronco Club Event
Katemcy, TX

Far Out Classic & Custom Car Show
South Ozone Park, NY



All The Parts Your Car Will Ever Need!




RockAuto just completed a large catalog update of several major manufacturers including Dorman, Merit Exhaust, and Apsco power steering components.

Dorman is a leading manufacturer of OEM or better replacement parts, many of which were once only available at a dealership parts counter. Try finding your part at RockAuto before spending too much money at a dealership.

Merit is known for quality exhaust and emission products that fit and function just like the original parts. Along with Walker Exhaust, we now have more complete coverage for replacement or repair of your exhaust.

APSCO specializes in remanufactured steering gears, rack and pinion units, and power steering pumps...OEM quality at a great price!



Quaker Steak & Lube and RockAuto

Quaker Steak & Lube

Next time your in the Charleston West Virginia area stop by Quaker Steak & Lube and ask to be seated by the RockAuto display.

Look for our displays in other Quaker Steak & Lube restaurants throughout the country.

QS&L Charleston Display



Monroe 90th Anniversary Promotion

Monroe Promo

Purchase 4 qualifying Monroe shocks or struts and receive a comeback certificate worth up to $90! Click on the Monroe 90th Anniversary logo for more details.

Promotion Rewards: Certificate
• 4 Monroe® Reflex® struts $90
• 4 Monroe® Sensa-Trac® struts $90
• 2 Monroe® Reflex® struts and 2 Monroe® Reflex® shocks $50
• 2 Monroe® Sensa-Trac® struts and 2 Monroe® Sensa-Trac® shocks $50
• 2 Monroe® Quick-Struts™ $50
• 4 Monroe® Reflex® shocks $20
• 4 Monroe® Sensa-Trac® shocks $20
• 4 Monroe® Gas-Magnum® shocks $20

Qualifying Products:
• Monroe® Reflex® Shocks: 911000, 911500 Series
• Monroe® Reflex® Struts: 931000, 932000, 941000 Series
• Monroe® Sensa-Trac® Shocks: 5700, 5800, 5900, 37000, 39000, 58000 Series
• Monroe® Sensa-Trac® Struts and Cartridges: 71000, 72000, 73000, 171000 Series
• Monroe® Gas-Magnum® Shocks: 34000 Series



Car Care Quiz

Pit Stop Guy

1. You've always used regular (87-octane) gas, as recommended, but now you can hear your car "ping" occasionally. Your best bet is to switch to high-test gas.
.. T .. F

2. A leaking hose caused your engine to overheat. Overheating also could damage the transmission.
.. T .. F

3. A tire's life may be cut in half when it’s out of balance. At 60 mph, one ounce out of balance has the effect of a six-pound weight on the rim of the wheel.
. .. T .. F

4. The oxygen sensor is part of your car's air conditioning system.
.. T .. F

5. Red fluid leaking under your car is probably from your transmission.
.. T .. F

Answers to Car Care Awareness Quiz 1. False. Upgrading fuel generally is an expensive and unsatisfactory remedy for a "pinging" engine. A better investment would be a diagnostic checkup by an experienced technician. 2. True. The engine cooling system cools the automatic transmission. When it overheats, so does the transmission. 3. False. Centrifugal force causes one ounce of weight to become the equivalent of twelve pounds at 60 mph, causing damage to the tire and suspension parts. 4. False. The oxygen sensor is part of the emissions control system. 5. True. A defective seal is the most common cause of transmission fluid leakage.



Out of this World Satellite

Russ's Satellite


Thank you for featuring my 1970 Cuda in the July 2005 RockAuto newsletter. I have since sold the Cuda and bought a 1967 Satellite that I'm already lining up RockAuto parts for it!

It's a convertible with a 383 automatic and a 3.23 Sure-Grip rear axle. The Satellite is very clean and still has the original drivetrain, top, carpet, rear seat covers, fender tag and Certicard. It has been repainted to the very rare original Turbine Bronze.

According to research that's been done, it's one of 237 1967 Satellite convertibles left.

Russ in PA


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