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RockAuto October Newsletter

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Another Happy Customer!

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how impressed I am with your company.

I got all my parts once again earlier than I expected. And once again everything is absolutely 100% correct and in perfect condition. I purchase parts online pretty much every week and BY FAR you folks are the best.

Awesome website, great shipping speed, and 100% order accuracy...every...single...time.

Keep it up!

John in North Carolina


Upcoming Events
If you would like your event featured here, e-mail us with details.

Lancaster County Corvette Event
Lancaster, PA

Lake Charles Corvette Car Show
Lake Charles, LA

2nd Annual All European/British Car Show
Tucson, AZ

Bastrop Veterans' Weekend Car Show
Bastrop, TX

Sales Up, Prices Down!

Start the RockAuto Catalog

RockAuto's growing sales mean more buying power and economies of scale -- and lower prices for our customers. Over the past few weeks, we've cut prices on many of the products we carry, including Merit exhaust systems, Cardone Select items, NGK spark plugs, Wagner friction, Moog chassis, and all literature. Enjoy the savings -- and tell your friends!



Gates Unicoil - When Curved/Molded Hose Isn't Available

Gates Gates Unicoil

Now you can make those quick repairs when curved/molded hose isn't available. Gates Unicoil allows you to configure custom-bent hoses using straight heater hose - the perfect solution for:
  • quick repairs,
  • customized engines,
  • out-of-stock situations and
  • one-of-a-kind routing problems
Gates Unicoil
Available in seven sizes for 1/4" up to 1" inner diameter hoses. Gates Unicoil is made of a stainless steel coil and a metal spine that will permanently hold its bend. Look in the Plumbing/Tool/Hose Shaper category under the Extras tab in the RockAuto Catalog for these parts.



We Have Your Floor Covered

Auto Custom Carpets, Inc

Since 1978, Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of replacement automotive flooring. Each is offered in its original color and material and is custom made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. From the 1940's to today, RockAuto has the carpet, floor mats, and trunk mats to keep you car looking showroom fresh.

Trunk Mat, Molded Carpet, Custom Floor Mats



Automotive Traveler

Automotive Traveler

It’s no secret that RockAuto Customers are high-octane automotive enthusiasts. And what’s better than a great road trip?

Rich Truesdell is a RockAuto customer who knows this first hand. He’s the Editorial Director of Automotive Traveler, a new, online-only, bi-monthly that believes that every drive is an adventure.

Automotive Traveler is all about great cars, spectacular roads, unique destinations, and the people that make them extraordinary. Best of all, Automotive Traveler’s contributors will give you the inside scoop on planning your own petrol-fueled adventures.

The current issue takes you to Africa in a Volkswagen Touareg, following the route and competitors of the famed Lisbon Dakar Rally. But that’s not all, as Automotive Traveler also visits Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic on one family’s European Delivery adventure in a 155 MPH BMW 550i. And not to ignore the good old USA, there’s a Route 66 road trip from LA to Tulsa in Mazda’s new CX-9 crossover. As well as a tour of America’s castle country, the du Pont’s Brandywine Valley, in Chevy’s retro-cool HHR.

Past issues, available in the online archive, will take you to the Inca Trail in a Ferrari 599 Fiorano, Honolulu in search of Steve McGarrett in what else, a big, black Mercury sedan, a tour of old and new Berlin in a smoke-belching Trabant, and Scottsdale for Spring Training in a 425-horsepower Dodge Magnum SRT8.

Rich knows that RockAuto customers are Automotive Traveler-style enthusiasts with gasoline pulsing through their veins. He is offering each of you a free two-year subscription. (The regular subscription rate is $12 per year, so your free subscription is a $24 value for the next 12 adventure-packed issues.)

Get your free two-year subscription to Automotive Traveler just by taking 30-seconds to register.



Don't Trade In That Car Yet!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports argues people should keep cars for 200,000 miles or more. This may be bad news for car manufacturers...but good news for those of us who like to keep our cars running in top condition for as long as possible.

"...When comparing the costs of buying and keeping a car for 225,000 miles over 15 years to buying and financing an identical model every five years, CR found the savings could be more than the original purchase price of the vehicle—and even greater if the savings were invested..."

Read the complete article on the Consumer Reports website.



RockAuto Magnets

Mike's Chevelle

Paul's TVR

David's Thunderbird

For years we have used RockAuto magnets as a way to stay in touch with customers. We hope a magnet stuck on a toolbox will remind customers to think of RockAuto the next time they need parts. The original magnets just included the RockAuto logo. We will always remember our first batch of magnets because all 50000 of them were delivered the day our office elevator broke down. There were a lot of boxes to schlep down the stairs and we wondered if the magnetic field was erasing every floppy disk and videotape in the neighborhood.

By late 2005 we had done RockAuto logo magnets in every color of the rainbow and we were looking for fresh ideas. For a day or so we considered using classic car photos pulled from an online database. There were some very nice photos out there, but they completely lacked soul. Was that ’57 Chevy in the photo still on the road or was it wrecked in 1978? Pulling car photos from a database was like filling your family photo album with snap shots of pretty strangers.

We were already featuring customers’ cars in the RockAuto online newsletter and talking to customers with interesting vehicles every day. We all started talking about our own favorite customer cars while the newsletter editor pulled out some customer car photos. Why use a generic Chevelle photo pulled from a database when we can use a picture of customer Mike’s Chevelle!

So the idea of putting customers’ cars on our magnets was born. Since early 2006 we have featured 24 customers’ cars. They are real cars that are still on the road thanks to their owners’ loving care and parts from We regularly issue batches of new magnets in limited quantities so more customers get a chance to have their cars in the magnet limelight. We hope all customers have fun collecting the magnets. Dump those Beanie Babies! RockAuto Collector Series magnets are much more enjoyable.

Customers send us their car stories and photos and agree to be featured on a magnet. Many of the cars and trucks on the magnets so far have been classics from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Any interesting and unique customer car, new or old, foreign or domestic, might appear on a magnet. Customers use lots of RockAuto parts on their late model, daily drivers. We probably will not do magnets featuring a stock 2003 Park Avenue, 1999 Camry, or other cars that people still see on the road every day. However, daily drivers with more time under their belts might be interesting magnet material. Whose head would not turn if they saw an old Chevy station wagon with the clamshell tailgate cruising down the road? customers send your car photos and stories to and watch for new Collector Series magnets in 2008!

Tom Taylor, Auto Parts



"...It's Still A Ford. A Very Fast Ford..."
Tony's Cobra

This might be what some call a kit car, but it's still a Ford. A very fast Ford I'll admit (420 HP and weighs in at only 2185 lbs). When it needed an alternator, water pump, and Edelbrock carburetor, it was time for RockAuto.

I drive this car as much as possible, but I've got to say I am controlled by the weather. And I'm sad to say that here in New England she'll be getting put away for a little while. But if the roads are clean, the sky is clear, and the temps above 40, we're out.



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