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Silicon Valley SUCCESS

BS Computer Engineering and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Donald M.

Software Engineer
Started in 2016

Being a Software Engineer at RockAuto is a challenging and rewarding experience. I've had the opportunity to work on many projects from start to finish, and see my work enter production and benefit the company. It's not uncommon to work on diverse projects in a week, each focusing on a different aspect of the business, such as the website, servers, and data processing. Since everything is developed internally, there's always new and interesting programs to work with. My favorite thing about working at RockAuto, however, is the freedom to share ideas and craft new solutions to the obstacles I encounter. With work that is consistently engaging and interesting, I am always excited and looking forward to the next challenge.

BBA Operations and Technology Management, Specialization in SCM, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Kacy S.

Product Manager
Started in 2014

RockAuto was my first job out of college, and it has provided me with opportunities you typically do not see in your first full time job. I started at RockAuto as a Part Time Customer Support Analyst which allowed me to complete the majority of my training while still in school. After graduation, I moved into a Supply Chain Manager position and was given the opportunity to manage a large portion of our Supply Chain. It was rewarding to see the immediate impact my decisions and ideas made. After three years in Supply Chain, I was promoted to our Product Management team where I focus on fostering manufacturer relationships to cultivate a product mix that will appeal to our customer base and drive sales growth. My team is small but effective, and I appreciate the amount of responsibility that has been given to me. To have such a large impact on an innovative company is both exciting and satisfying.

BA Mathematics and Spanish Literature, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Byron M.

Finance Manager
Started in 2009

As an employee of RockAuto, I have come to appreciate the data-driven approach to serving our customers and solving problems. Though RockAuto's industry is "retail", RockAuto could almost be considered a software or engineering firm in terms of its dedication to accurately identifying, maintaining, and storing the data that allows us to efficiently and inexpensively supply a range of products to customers around the world. Because many of my colleagues have engineering, computer science, or other technical backgrounds, our independent and collective decision-making processes are executed with an emphasis on automation and scalability. This allows us to keep our prices down and our fulfillment seamless, which are the two ultimate services that a company can provide to its customers.