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BS in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Alex Y.

Software Engineer

My time at RockAuto has been great. I am part of the small team that writes and maintains all of the software that keeps the business up and running. One of the things that makes working at RockAuto enjoyable is that the time from idea to production is extremely fast. Projects don't get lost in any "re-design" or "approval" phase - they just get done. Because we do everything in-house, I have worked on an incredible range of projects, from updating the website to creating automated building controls for our office. The work is highly autonomous, always challenging, and very rewarding.

BBA in Operations & Technology Management, Specialization
in SCM, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Kacy S.

Supply Chain Manager

RockAuto was my first job out of college, and it has provided me with opportunities you typically do not see in your first full time job. I started at RockAuto as a Part Time Analytical Customer Support Representative which allowed me to learn about the company and complete the majority of my training while still in school. After graduation, I moved into a Supply Chain Manager position. Within months of starting in my new role, I was given the opportunity to manage a large portion of our Supply Chain, and it has been great to see the immediate impact my decisions and ideas have made. No two days at RockAuto are the same, and I enjoy the challenging and fast paced work environment. Having such a large impact on a fast growing company is both exciting and satisfying, and I look forward to the challenges my future at RockAuto holds.

BS in Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University. MBA Boston University


Ben S.

Product Manager

The RockAuto product manager role embodies many of the traits I desired in a career. Upon completion of training, I was quickly entrusted to increase sales of some of the company's largest product categories without layers of management looking over my shoulder. Due to RockAuto's flat organizational structure and focus on data, my time is not consumed in meetings, proposals and presentations. Rather, I find myself looking though data on sales, product information, web traffic, and pricing, querying the data, finding patterns related to sales growth and implementing changes in real time.

BSB in Marketing and Operations Management, Indiana University


Jaren K.

Supply Chain Manager

RockAuto has given me the opportunity to utilize my skill set to make many decisions that have had a large impact on the company's supply chain and bottom line as soon as I entered the Supply Chain Manager role. Customer service, logistics, and purchasing are all embodied within the role, so I have the opportunity to see things from all ends and work with both suppliers and customers to identify areas of improvement in the company's supply chain and develop and implement solutions to strengthen those areas. I am happy to be a part of this innovative organization which continues to delight customers with unmatched service, delivery, innovation, and quality products. Working at RockAuto never gets boring, is constantly challenging, and work-life balance is unmatched! If you are looking for those aspects in a job, look no further because RockAuto is the place for you.

BA in Philosophy, BS in Spanish and International Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Urshula E.

Team Leader, Supply Chain Manager

RockAuto has offered me opportunities that I may not have had elsewhere. I started out as a Part-Time Customer Service Representative. After graduation I became a Supply Chain Manager and was asked to be a Team Leader less than a year later. I am someone who always tries to push myself and the suppliers that I work with to improve. At RockAuto, each employee's strengths are recognized and utilized, allowing growth to be achieved on an individual basis so we can continue to grow as a company. One of the things that I like best is the fact that every voice is heard. Rather than having to cut through red tape to propose ideas, all RockAuto employees are able to take their ideas directly to the owner of the company. Having the ability to make a difference in such a well-known company is perhaps why we have so many long-term employees. Although, I'm sure the flexible time-off policy and the great work-life balance are a big part of that, too!

BBA in Marketing, BA in Japanese, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Jessa T.

Marketing Manager

RockAuto was my first job right out of college, and now over a decade later I am very proud to still call myself a "RockAutoian." Working at RockAuto is incredibly challenging and rewarding. This is particularly true in Marketing as our work is very public and impacts the success of individual efforts as well as the success of the company. As a growing and thriving company, RockAuto is an exciting place to plan and create marketing programs, execute them, and measure the results. It is thrilling to be on the leading edge. At RockAuto, I manage a wide variety of consumer advertising from mass media marketing like TV to personalized marketing online -- so there's never a boring day. Recently I even got to appear on a national TV show to help spread the word about RockAuto! RockAuto offers friendly and supportive coworkers, an accommodating work environment, and a fulfilling career I never could have imagined landing right out of college.

BS in Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison. MBA, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater


Shaun D.

Operations Manager

RockAuto is a great place to work because of how much of an impact an individual can have the moment they join our family. Having a small staff relative to our customer base requires us to empower every individual we hire to make key decisions about the customers, suppliers, and other stakeholder relationships. While operational autonomy is not without challenges, it makes adding value for our customers very rewarding. Being a part of a fast-growing company in an expanding industry is really exciting. It also creates room for new opportunities that can make for a long, diverse, and satisfying career. If you are ready to have a substantial stake in an organization and flex your analytical muscles to contribute to a fast-growing company, please join us!

BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering and Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Jacob O.

Supply Chain Manager

I started out working as a Part-Time Customer Service Representative while I was finishing my Bachelor's degree. It was a great job to have while finishing school, and it also allowed me to train for my position after graduation while still in school. After graduation I became a Supply Chain Manager and was quickly given the authority to make decisions. RockAuto's organizational structure allows projects to be done quickly, as you do not need to wait months for approval unlike many companies. I have enjoyed the high level of autonomy granted and the ability to work directly with our suppliers and our customers. The Supply Chain Manager position is about finding ways to improve the entire process and it is interesting to see how each part fits into the overall process. There is never a boring day at RockAuto as you are constantly looking for ways to improve the supply chain and the customer experience.

BA in Mathematics and Spanish Literature, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Byron M.

Finance Manager

As an employee of RockAuto, I have come to appreciate the data-driven approach to serving our customers and solving problems. Though RockAuto's industry is "retail", RockAuto could almost be considered a software or engineering firm in terms of its dedication to accurately identifying, maintaining, and storing the data that allows us to efficiently and inexpensively supply a range of products to customers around the world. Because many of my colleagues have engineering, computer science, or other technical backgrounds, our independent and collective decision-making processes are executed with an emphasis on automation and scalability. This allows us to keep our prices down and our fulfillment seamless, which are the two ultimate services that a company can provide to its customers.