Product Manager  

Position Description

As Product Manager, you will be one of a handful of people solely responsible for a segment of our extensive catalog. You'll decide what products are included and use your data-management and marketing skills to present them in ways that are relevant and appealing to consumers. Your efforts will define what RockAuto is in the eyes of our customers and our industry.

This may be the hardest job at RockAuto. You need to understand consumers. You need to understand automotive manufacturers. You need to manipulate huge amounts of data (our catalog is really big: hundreds of thousands of parts for tens of thousands of vehicles). And you need a bit of marketing flair.

But if SKU, 4WD and SQL are all part of your vocabulary, this is a wonderful and unique opportunity!

Position Requirements

  • MBA degree with a preferred concentration in product management, marketing or information management
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with top-tier academic performance
  • Experience in product management, merchandising, sales analysis or related roles
  • Proven success using computer software to manage and gain insight from large quantities of data
  • Automotive knowledge (model names, part descriptions and basic understanding of vehicle systems)

Must be able to work full time from our Madison, WI office and have the ability to work for any US employer without visa sponsorship.

Preferred but not required:

  • Advanced automotive knowledge -- including hands-on repair experience
  • Foreign language skills, preferably in German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish or French

Additional Perspective

To excel in this role you will aggressively explore all aspects of your catalog segment, including the parts currently in our catalog, the other choices in the market, the factors that define value for our customers, the nuances of our business model, and more. You will need to spend the majority of your time at your computer; if you're the person we're looking for, you truly enjoy working with data in the digital environment. RockAuto is the flattest organization you will ever see. You won't have junior staff to whom you can delegate tasks; for example, if you get a large data file from a supplier and it needs to be cleaned up, you'll do the cleaning up. But you won't have layers of management looking over your shoulder, either. To fit in well at RockAuto, you'll need to share our passion for cars as well as our entrepreneurial drive and "Do it Yourself" attitude.

Why RockAuto?

Strategic and tactical impact. Our catalog is the core of our business. The Product Management role encompasses a broad range of responsibility (from data integrity to marketing support) and has a direct influence on the company's success.

Strong growth, unique business model. RockAuto has posted 15+ years of double-digit sales growth. In part, this is due to our distinctive, consumer-friendly approach. While others offer online catalogs with a B2B focus that is intimidating and difficult to navigate for consumers, we present products and information in ways that are relevant and compelling for online consumers -- and you'll play a key role in this effort.

Open, friendly environment. Everyone sits in an open space, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Our flat structure creates transparency and enables near-constant implementation of employees' creative ideas and solutions. Office outings, like the annual winter holiday party, are a great way to connect with fellow employees.

Excellent compensation. Competitive wage, overtime pay for all positions, a generous allowance of paid holidays and personal time off, affordable health insurance, a Simplified Employee Pension for employees with qualifying tenure and a tradition of rewarding individual results and sharing the fruits of company success.

Madison, WI is a great place to live. Madison is uniquely centered on an isthmus between two beautiful lakes. It is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the US. Both a capital city and hip college town, Madison provides affordable housing, excellent schools and a wide range of entertainment options and recreational activities.

How to Apply

If interested, please email a cover letter and resume in PDF format to In your cover letter please explain why you would be a good fit as a RockAuto Product Manager and provide your GPA (if not listed on your resume). Applications that exclude a cover letter will NOT be considered.