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More Information for FEL-PRO FS7893PT4
FULL SETS (FS) are for upper and lower engine work combined, usually a complete overhaul.
Fel-Pro Full Engine Sets may include the following components where necessary unless otherwise noted in the catalog description.
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Intake manifold gaskets
  • Intake manifold plenum gasket
  • Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Valve cover grommets
  • Valve cover semi-circular plug
  • Spark plug tube seals
  • Push rod cover gaskets
  • Push rod cover grommets
  • Camshaft oil seals (OHC)
  • Valve stem seals
  • Water outlet gasket
  • Thermostat housing gasket
  • Distributor mounting gasket
  • Air cleaner gasket
  • Carburetor mounting gasket
  • TBI mounting gasket
  • Throttle body mounting gasket
  • Fuel injector seals
  • Turbocharger mounting gasket
  • Supercharger mounting gasket
  • Air bypass gasket
  • Air pump gaskets
  • Exhaust flange gaskets
  • Heat riser gasket
  • Choke tube gasket
  • EGR valve gaskets
  • Oil pan gaskets
  • Oil pan drain plug gasket
  • Oil pump mounting gasket
  • Oil pump pickup tube gasket
  • Oil filter adapter gasket
  • Oil cooler mounting gasket
  • Timing cover gasket
  • Timing cover oil seal
  • Oil pump oil seal
  • Front crankshaft retainer gasket
  • Rear main bearing seals
  • Rear main bearing cap side seals
  • Rear crankshaft retainer gasket
  • Fuel pump mounting gasket
  • Fuel pump plate gasket
  • Water pump mounting gasket
  • Water pump plate gasket

FEL-PRO Warranty Information
12 months