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More Information for WAGNER BD61842
Image is of a typical part(s); part appearance varies by application. Rotors & Drums are sold individually
  • Wagner rotors are designed with an exacting balance of manufacturing and metallurgy to deliver outstanding performance
  • All Wagner rotors are balanced
  • Most rotors and drums are packed with special scientifically treated paper impregnated with a rust inhibitor for added protection against rust and corrosion

Brake Noise – Is it the Fault of the Disc Pads or the Rotors?

Bolt Hole Circle Diameter - MM120.54
Casting DesignFullcast
MaterialCast Iron
New Part Thickness - MM20.066
OE Minimum Thickness - MM18.4
Outside Diameter - MM304.927

WAGNER Warranty Information
Premium rotors, drums and master cylinders - 12 month/12,000 mile. ThermoQuiet friction - 24 month or 24,000 mile. QuickStop - 12 month/12,000 mile. Hydraulics, remanufactured calipers and hardware - 12 months. Guardian/One Source brand 90 days. Lighting - 60 days.