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Lock Ring Kit Included
Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium fuel tanks meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace.

Why replace a fuel tank?
Deterioration of a fuel tank leads to:

  • Premature pump failure
  • Fuel filter, fuel strainer and injector clogging
  • Damage to the electrical wiring
  • Erratic fuel level indicator
  • Illumination of the check engine warning light
Delphi Tank Features
  • Unit is designed to OE fit, form and function requirements accomplished by leveraging OE fuel system design expertise
  • Lock ring included with each tank to reduce installation time and to ensure a complete repair
  • Made with corrosion resistant, OE approved, Ni Terne steel for durability
  • Unit is leak tested after production to ensure product in free from fuel and / or evaporative leaks
  • Each new fuel tank is road tested to ensure real world performance and to verify that each design meets our high standards for quality
  • Engineered to stringent tolerances based on our Canadian engineers' in-depth knowledge of the OE part it's designed to replace
  • Fit tested on the very same vehicle application for which it was developed verifying first-hand that the design fits properly and can be easily installed
  • Packaged with double-layered foam wrap and heavy-gauge corrugated board to ensure product quality at installation
Should you replace the tank or the tank and fuel pump?
Since damaged fuel tanks may cause damage to pumps and their associated parts and since fuel tanks and pumps have similar life expectancies of 7-10 years, it is recommended to replace the tank and pump together.

Spectra Premium has designed fuel tank and pump assemblies to ensure accurate and reliable fuel system functionality. These assemblies reduce install time by 50% and ensure that you only have to do the job once. They can be found under the Fuel Tank & Pump Assembly category when available.

US Gallons13.00
Size (L x W x D)37-1/2 x 18-1/2 x 8-1/4
Strap Set (not included)ST37
Included Kit NoLO05
Tank MaterialNi-Tern Steel
Ext Shell Thickness0.0040
Fuel Tank CoatingLead-Tin Coating
Fuel CompatibilityCarbureted
Filler Neck IncludedNo
Baffled SumpNo
Attached SumpNo
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 4797743

Radiators, condensers - 24 months. Evaporator cores, heater cores, fuel tank filler necks, fuel tank straps, sending units, and refrigerant hoses - 12 months. Fuel tanks, fuel tank assemblies, and oil pans - 36 months. Fuel pumps, fuel pump assemblies, fuel strainers, distributors, ignition coils, camshaft/crankshaft sensors, mass air flow sensors - Limited Lifetime.