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Neoform; 55cm; Universal Hook Fitting

Original Equipment on the vast majority of new models, beam blades continue to grow rapidly in popularity. Designed with sleek modern styling to compliment the aesthetics of today's vehicles, TRICO NeoForm blades have the look and function of the latest OE blades, but with the value-added performance of Teflon® surface protector. Each blade features a 'skin coating' that seals the aerodynamic spoiler to protect it from the elements for superior all weather performance.

The exclusive, twin-point coupler delivers constant, even pressure across the entire windshield for a smoother, more consistent wipe. Typical traditional wiper blades have only 6 or 8 pressure points, while TRICO NeoForm beam blades' infinite number of pressure points continuous pressure across the length of the wiper. TRICO NeoForm blades are uniquely engineered to provide conformed wrap to today's highly curved windshields.

Enhanced Durability
•Designed with a jointless structure to maximize durability and enable highly efficient operation
•Exclusive Teflon® surface protector wiping element provides a smoother wipe and longer life

Superior All-Weather Performance
•'Skin coating' seals the aerodynamic spoiler to protect it from the elements for superior all-weather performance
•With no exposed parts, TRICO NeoForm blades resist snow and ice clogging for excellent performance in winter conditions
•Outperforms traditional blades in snow and ice wipe test

Aerodynamic Profile
•Spoiler reduces windlift at higher speeds
•Provides quiet operation with less chatter
•Sleek modern styling for today's vehicles

Easy Installation
•Features a pre-assembled connector to fit the most popular wiper arm types right out of the package

NeoForm Small Hook Installation Video

NeoForm Large Hook Installation Video

Wiper Arm Connection Detail

TRICO Warranty Information
12 months/12,000 miles