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More Information for SEALED POWER BKP6050N
Sealed PowerŽ has you covered with more than one million Engine Kit combinations, unmatched coverage and availability. Sealed Power Engine Kits feature 100% Sealed Power engine parts and premium quality Fel-ProŽ gaskets sets. These proven replacement parts are the result of nonstop product development efforts, dedicated to putting only the absolute best on the street.

Federal-Mogul engineers have extensive experience in designing components to accommodate changes in the engine due to wear. By leveraging this expertise, Sealed Power components ensure unmatched performance and reliability. In fact, Sealed Power's full range of engine components incorporate advanced in-house engineering and machining technologies combined with proprietary metallurgies that can improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and add durability to both gasoline and diesel engines.
Components that come in this kitQuantity
SEALED POWER # H645ACP    {#645P} [Piston] Hypereutectic; DUROSHIELD® skirt coated piston
SEALED POWER # 1463M    [Camshaft Bearing] Camshaft Bearing Set; Max Housing Bore=2.0010"; Min Housing Bore=1.9990"; Max Shaft Dia=1.8692"; Min Shaft Dia=1.8682"; Max Oil Clearance=.0043"; Max Wall Thickness=.0644"; Overall Length=.7400"
SEALED POWER # 3818058    [Expansion Plug / Set]
SEALED POWER # 2244146    [Oil Pump]
SEALED POWER # 61020A    {#61020CP} [Connecting Rod Bearing] Set
SEALED POWER # 5085MA    [Crankshaft Main Bearing] Max Housing Bore=2.6415"; Min Housing Bore=2.6406"; Max Shaft Dia=2.4488"; Min Shaft Dia=2.4479"; Max Oil Clearance=.0034"; Max Wall Thickness=.0956"; Overall Length=1.7170"
SEALED POWER # E229K    [Piston Ring] Premium; Moly/Chrome
SEALED POWER # 2601240    [Engine Kit Gasket Set] PermaDry® molded rubber valve cover & oil pan Gaskets. incl.

SEALED POWER Warranty Information
12 months