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Plastic Tank Aluminum
  • REINFORCED B TUBE: This unique tube design is shaped like a B. The edge of the metal tube material come together and are brazed to the back of the tube wall forming the B shape. This effectively makes two tubes for better rigidity, reduced chances of leaking, and longer life.
  • TUBE REINFORCEMENTS: Tube reinforcements, AKA End Tube Bracket, have been added to all Pro radiator designs. These tube reinforcements are inserted into the end tubes of the radiator cores. These brackets add rigidity and reduces the stress on the end tubes, the leading cause of failure in the radiator industry.
  • TANK-TO-HEADER DESIGN: Pro designs incorporate the best of the OE designs to create long life radiators. The tank, gasket, and header are engineered as one unit, allowing tank compression prior to crimping to encapsulate the gasket for long lasting, leak free radiators.
  • O-RING GROOVE: Flange standard flat gaskets are susceptible to sealing stresses during installation of transmission lines. An O-Ring encapsulated in a grooved flange creates a positive seal between the oil cooler and the tank during installation, maintaining the seal for the life of the radiator.
  • WELDED AND LOCKED SIDE RAILS: This is an extremely important feature as it assures that the side piece remains locked into the header and can not break away. Side pieces support the weight of the water and they resist the tendency of fins to pull away from tubes. Side pieces also control tube expansion during pressure cycle and keep the tubes from cracking at the headers.
  • RIBBED PLASTIC TANKS: Ribs completely surround the tank to resist flex and cracking. Pro tanks are tested to 100,000 pressure cycles or more with no cracks, bowing, or distortion.
  • PACKAGING AND PROTECTION: Packaging uses Styrofoam blocks on the ends and in the center of the longest radiators to prevent damage from shipping and rough handling. In addition, boxes are reinforced with twice the wall protection when folded shut. All box sides are also double walled to add even more protection and rigidity.
Core Depth1"
Core Height26 1/4"
Core Width17 7/32"
Inlet Connection1 9/16"
Inlet Header2 5/16" x 18 9/16"
Outlet Connection1 9/16"
Outlet Header2 5/16" x 18 9/16"
Mount TypeChannel
Engine Oil CoolerN/A
Trans Oil Cooler8"
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 20044, 20058, 20059, 20066, 3025826, 3025827, 3030126, 3030127, 3030128, 3030137, 3031432, 3031447, 3031641, 3031658, 3032111, 3033326, 3033659, 3033726, 3038069, 3038070, 3038071, 3038072, 3038073, 3038074, 3038075, 3038945, 3040816, 3040821, 3040822, 3042243, 3042665, 3042666, 3042667, 3042668, 3042669, 3042671, 3042672, 3042675, 3042682, 3043073, 3043074, 3043076, 3043077, 3043086, 3043217, 3043218, 3043804, 3046250, 3046251, 3046324, 3056660, AL8180, AM8180, AN8180, AO8180, AP8180, AR8180, AS8180, AT8180, AU8180, AW8180, AZ8180

PRO Warranty Information
24 months. Strut assemblies 12 month, 12,000 miles