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More Information for BOSCH 15703
OE Style Oxygen Sensor; Heated; Wires: 4; Length (in): 12.2
Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors are traditional thimble or planar type switching sensors.

Key Features:
  • Double laser-welded stainless steel body protects against contamination
  • Seared protection tube due to 100% functional quality test
  • Pre-coated threads with anti-seize compound right out of the box
  • "True Direct-fit" OE connectors and harness
Bosch planar ceramic technology
  • Heater layer: Ceramic sheet printed with electrical contacts and the heater pattern itself
  • Air duct layer: Creates a void for reference air in the finished assembly
  • Sensor Layer: Ceramic sheet with printed layers for the inner (reference air) and outer (exhaust gas) electrodes, as well as electrical contacts and a porous protective layer over the outer electrode to protect it from the corrosive effects of exhaust gases
Bosch thimble ceramic technology
  • Base ceramic probe of Zirconium and Yttrium: Forms a tough base that resists cracking from mechanical and thermal shock
  • Patented Platinum Power Grid: For optimized sensing, delivering best-in-class performance and maximum service life
  • Fine particle filter: Prevents contamination of the electrode for longer service life
  • Coarse particle filter: Protects against exhaust gas and other chemical contamination, increasing sensor performance life

Common O2 Sensor Locations & Service Interval Recommendations:

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BOSCH Warranty Information
12 month. Reman Alternators & Starters 24 month. Alternators & Starters with part number ending in "N" lifetime warranty for non-commercial passenger vehicles. Lifetime for spark plug wire sets. 30 days on Wiper products.