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More Information for ALLIANCE B3
Image is of a typical part(s); part appearance varies by application.

Alliance takes pride in their no short cut remanufacturing process. The process entails:

  • Internal parts separated and washed at 150 degrees
  • Threads inspected and replaced with new parts
  • Pilot is inspected and reworked if necessary
  • Converter lid & clutch re-turned to spec
  • Inspection of hub, polish if necessary
  • New hub is computer welded
  • Re-turning of bearing surface
  • Stator is re-built
  • New clutch is bonded at 450 degrees
  • New bearings and seals are installed
  • Inspection of overall height is performed before body welding
  • Unit is body welded holding original spec clearance
  • Unit is leak tested at 120 psi (operating psi is only 40-60 psi)
  • Inspection of run out, Alliance holds .010 (industry standard is .015)
  • Unit is fluid balanced to check within 5 grams or less
  • 2nd polishing of hub prior to paint
  • Inspection of pump splines with shaft if necessary
  • Welding of balance weight if necessary
  • Grease hub for rust protection
  • Unit is repainted with high quality Sherman Williams paint

ALLIANCE Warranty Information
24 months
Warranty Details