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More Information for POWER STOP AR8164SL
Sold individually
Image is of a typical part(s); part appearance varies by application.
Slotted Rotor

Slotted rotors improve brake performance by sweeping away the friction dust and gas that is trapped between the rotor and pad. Slots give you more pad bite and fast brake response under extreme conditions. All slotted rotors (except for hub rotor assemblies) are silver zinc plated to resist rust. Slotted rotors are best suited for auto-cross, off road and track racing. Slotted rotors are exceptionally good for high speed stopping power.

  • Keep a clean contact patch between the pad and the rotor.
  • Help braking performance when large amounts of brake dust are generated.
  • Silver Zinc Dichromate plated to resist rust.
Power Stop Brake Rotor/Pad Instructions & Break-In Procedure

POWER STOP Warranty Information
High Performance/Heavy Duty Kits (K, K-36, and KC Kits) 60 day hassle-free exchange and 3 year/36,000 miles.
Daily Driver Kits (KOE Kits) 90 days/3,000 miles.
Individual Calipers 90 days/3,000 miles.
Individual Rotors and Brakes 30 days/500 miles.
For explanation of hassle-free exchange see warranty details
Warranty Details