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Standard EGR Valves Feature:

  • All stainless steel internal components and fully encapsulated copper windings and connections on Standard electronic EGR valves ensure precision operation and greater protection against the tough operating environment
  • The Standard valve has an improved anti-rust coating on the machine casting for additional protection against rust for maximum life
  • Standard electronic EGR Valves have fully encapsulated copper windings and connections for protection
  • Standard electronic EGR Valves have injection molded high temperature polymer to prevent high temperature failure rate
  • Standard’s electronic EGR Valves are made of palladium/gold/platinum alloy with a Teflon® based lubricant to ensure very low contact resistance
  • Standard electronic EGR valves have an expected life greater than 16 million cycles
  • Standard applies a Teflon® based lubricant on the sensor circuit and contact wiper on all electronic EGR valves to ensures a smooth and consistent contact interface between the wiper and printed circuit
Includes Gasket; Number of Hose Connectors: 1; EGR Valve Type: Manufactured Valve
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): EGV625, F4SZ9D475A, F57Z9D475DA, F65Z9D475B, F6ZZ9D475CA, F75Z9D475DA, F87Z9D475A2A, XL3Z9D475A, XL3Z9D475DA, ZZM420300

3 years/36,000 miles. Ignition Control modules (ICM) and ProSeries wire sets- Five years/50,000 miles. Remanufactured electronic products and engine control modules - 12 month/unlimited miles. Return & rebuild parts have same warranty as new parts. Premium wire sets - Limited lifetime. T-Series parts - 12 months.
Warranty Details