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Remanufactured Multi Port Injector
All injectors are exact OEM replacement injectors, not similar or aftermarket substitutes. This guarantees form, fit and function. All injectors are 100% tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Why you should replace all of your injectors at the same time.
All injectors receive the same signal from the ECU to either "open" or "close", and for how long to stay open. If you have a 6cyl vehicle and all the injectors are flowing different amounts of fuel, some cylinders will be running lean and some may be running too rich because they are getting one generic signal to all injectors. So.... If all 6 injectors are cleaned and flow tested to OEM specifications, they are going to be flowing the same amount of fuel. When the ECU tells the injectors to open or close, and for how long, then the engine and each cylinder is going to receive the correct amount of fuel because all 6 injectors are flowing the same amount of fuel.

On the contrary....If one injector is replaced (which flows to OEM specs) and the other 5 injectors are dirty, restricted, or just flowing a different amount than the "clean" one, you may get the same condition as described in the first scenario above. The remanufactured injector may be performing correctly, but it may not necessarily solve the problem.

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Tips for Diagnosing and Replacing Injectors

GB REMANUFACTURING Warranty Information
12 month / 15,000 miles