2002 HONDA CIVIC Temperature Sender / Sensor
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All Vehicles > HONDA > 2002 > CIVIC > 1.7L L4 > Cooling System > Temperature Sender / Sensor
2002 HONDA CIVIC 1.7L L4 : Cooling System : Temperature Sender / Sensor  PriceAdd to Cart
Daily Driver
BECK/ARNLEY 1580811 SENSOR More Info
CAMBIARE VE375108 {#37870PLC004, 37870PNA003, 37870RAAA01} Sensor, coolant temperature; Black top, 2 pin block conn., Diameter: 10mm, Thread: 1.25 More Info
FWD; Coupe
AIRTEX / WELLS 7D5 SENSOR; AdvanTech More Info
Fits  DX Model; HX Model; LX Model
Or  EX Model; Si Model; Located in Thermostat Housing
AIRTEX / WELLS 5S1529 {#37870PLC004, 37870PNA002, 37870PNA003, 5S1599, SU5584, SU6148} SENSOR More Info   One of our most popular parts
Fits  4-Wheel ABS; Located in Thermostat Housing
Or  VTEC-E engine
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS TX97 {#37870PLC004} Sensor Intermotor More Info
AIRTEX / WELLS 712580 Sender
Coolant Temperature Sensor; DX; GX; HX; LX EX; LOCATED IN THERMO HOUSING; DX Model [Wholesaler Closeout - Private Label Pkg. - 30 Day Warranty] (Only 4 Remaining)