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2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2.8L V6 : Wheel/Tire : Lug Stud  
WAGNER BD60999 Wheel Lug Stud Info
Fits Front
Or Rear
RAYBESTOS 27804B Professional Grade Info
Fits Front
Or Rear
FEBI 09801 length: 48 mm, outside thread: M14 x 1.5, thread length: 27 mm, collar shape for screws and nuts: spherical collar Info
Fits Front Rear; 4WD; Estate; Engine.code:AMX
Or Front Rear; 4WD; Saloon; Engine.code:AMX
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DORMAN 610318 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers431601139, 431601139A, 431601139C, 443601139A, 443601139D, 447601139B, 477601139, 477601139B, 6103181, 803601139, 803601139C, 8D0601139D, 972091, 98555, 985551, WHT001812, WHT002437} M14-1.50 Wheel Bolt; 17mm Hex; 26mm Thread Length Info
Fits Front
Or Rear
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