1955 FORD F-350 Ignition Coil
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1955 FORD F-350 3.6L 223 cubic inch L6 : Ignition : Ignition Coil  PriceAdd to Cart
AIRTEX / WELLS 7B5 AdvanTech More Info
Standard Replacement
AIRTEX / WELLS 5C1063 {#00016, 1115328, 1115380, 1115399, 111905105H, 1120522, 1120524, 1136530, 1136531, 1136535, 12337164, 1311474, 1383838, 1479585, 1571742, 1595023, 1672793, 1818837, 1818840, 19169357, 200577, 200690, 2421190, 25002, 7RA12029A, 8BA12029, A8A12024A, B6T12029A, C3TZ12029A, C809} More Info

Please check notes in each part listing to ensure the Ignition Coil is correct for your 1955 FORD F-350 with a 3.6L 223 engine. Special restrictions like "California only" or "with sport package" may indicate a Ignition Coil fits only certain 1955 FORD F-350 models.

Clicking a "More Info" link will display a picture and/or other details about that Ignition Coil in a separate window (you may need to turn off your pop-up-blocking software for this to work).

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