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Tools & Universal Parts

FILKO Auto Body PartsTrunk Lock Cylinder
FILKO Auto Cooling System PartsTemperature Sender / Sensor
FILKO Auto Electrical PartsAlternator / Generator Brush Engine Control Module (ECM Computer) Starter Brush
FILKO Auto Electrical-Bulb & Socket PartsTail Lamp Socket
FILKO Auto Electrical-Connector PartsTrailer Connector
FILKO Auto Electrical-Switch & Relay PartsBack Up Switch Brake Light Switch Coolant Temperature Vacuum Control Switch Dimmer Switch Door Jamb Switch Headlamp Switch Horn Relay Ignition Starter Relay Ignition Starter Switch Instrument Panel Dimmer Switch Neutral Safety Switch / Range Sensor Oil Pressure Sender / Switch Radiator Fan Relay Radiator Fan Switch
FILKO Auto Emission PartsCrankcase Breather Element EGR Valve PCV Valve Vapor Canister Purge Valve
FILKO Auto Engine PartsOil Temperature Sender
FILKO Auto Fuel/Air PartsCarburetor Choke Pull Off Carburetor Repair Kit Fuel Filter Fuel Injector
FILKO Auto Ignition PartsCondenser / Capacitor Distributor Cap Distributor Pickup Coil Distributor Rotor Distributor Vacuum Advance Ignition Breaker Points Ignition Coil Ignition Control Module (ICM) Ignition Lock Cylinder Ignition Reluctor Spark Plug Wire