AIRTEX / WELLS Electrical-Connector : Temperature Sender / Sensor Connector Auto Parts
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Tools & Universal Parts

Part #Alternate Part #Description
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P2005#13580114,1373,15306156 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1439#12117087,807 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1470#12126458,838 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1562#1P1656,3U2Z14S411HYA,3U2Z14S411HYB,3U2Z14S411VA,3U3Z14S411VA,930 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1006#12046623,12067676,12101899,12126469,12570228,15306031,15306195,1P1236,22687946,254,604,88862305,88987978,88987993,97011620 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1168#545,88862255 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1095#438 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1718#1086,5019959AA 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1788#1156,68064992AA 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1179#12014839,12030291,12040872,12042627,12085524,153000509,153000531,567,88862250 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1347#218415,28419,3U2Z14S411EGA,715,88861107 
AIRTEX / WELLS 1P2402#1770