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Tools & Universal Parts

GATES Auto Belt Drive Parts 31mm (1 7/32") Belt 6.4mm (1/4") Belt 7.1mm (9/32") Belt 7.9mm (5/16") Belt 9.5mm (3/8") Belt 9.5mm (3/8") Belt 11.1mm (7/16") Belt 11.9mm (15/32") Belt 11.9mm (15/32") Belt 12.7mm (1/2") Belt 12.7mm (1/2") Belt 12.7mm (1/2") Belt 13.5mm (17/32") Belt 14.3mm (9/16") Belt 15.1mm (19/32") Belt 15.9mm (5/8") Belt 15.9mm (5/8") Belt 16.7mm (21/32") Belt 16.7mm (21/32") Belt 16.7mm (21/32") Belt 17.5mm (11/16") Belt 18.3mm (23/32") Belt 19.1mm (3/4") Belt 19.8mm (25/32") Belt 20.6mm (13/16") Belt 21.4mm (27/32") Belt 22.2mm (7/8") Belt 22.2mm (7/8") Belt 22.2mm (7/8") Belt 23.8mm (15/16") Belt 25.4mm (1") Belt 25.4mm (1") Belt 25.4mm (1") Belt 25.4mm and under (<1") Belt 25.4mm and under (<1") Belt 26.2mm (1 1/32") Belt 26.2mm (1 1/32") Belt 28.6mm (1 1/8") Belt 28.6mm (1 1/8") Belt 29.3mm (1 5/32") Belt 30.2mm (1 3/16") Belt 30.2mm (1 3/16") Belt 30.2mm (1 3/16") Belt 30.6mm (1 13/64") Belt 31.8mm (1 1/4") Belt 31.8mm (1 1/4") Belt 31.8mm (1 1/4") Belt 31.8mm (1 1/4") Belt 31mm (1 7/32") Belt 31mm (1 7/32") Belt 31mm (1 7/32") Belt 32.5mm (1 9/32") Belt 32.5mm (1 9/32") Belt 33.3mm (1 5/16") Belt 33.3mm (1 5/16") Belt 34.1mm (1 11/32") Belt 34.1mm (1 11/32") Belt 34.9mm (1 3/8") Belt 34.9mm (1 3/8") Belt 34.9mm (1 3/8") Belt 35.7mm (1 13/32") Belt 35.7mm (1 13/32") Belt 36.5mm (1 7/16") Belt 36.5mm (1 7/16") Belt 37.3mm (1 15/32") Belt 37.3mm (1 15/32") Belt 37.3mm (1 15/32") Belt 37.3mm (1 15/32") Belt 38.1mm (1 1/2") Belt 38.1mm (1 1/2") Belt 41.3mm (1 5/8") Belt 42.1mm (1 21/32") Belt 49.2mm (1 15/16") Belt 51.6mm (2 1/32") Belt 66.7mm (2 5/8") Belt Alignment Tool Belt Belt Drive Component Kit Belt Installation Tool Belt Measurement Tool Belt Tension Gauge Belt Tensioner Belt Tensioner Damper Double-Sided Belt Flat Belt Idler Pulley Notched Belt Pulley Tool Ribbed Smooth Belt Tensioner Pin Set Tensioner Pulley
GATES Auto Body PartsMud Flap / Gravel Shield
GATES Auto Brake/Wheel Hub PartsAir Brake Hose Vacuum Hose Wheel Seal
GATES Auto Cooling System PartsBypass Hose Coolant Filler Neck Coolant Hose / Pipe Coolant Hose Connector / Flange Coolant Recovery Tank Cap Coolant Recovery Tank Hose Cooling System Pressure Testing Kit Cooling System Tester Adapter Flush Tool Radiator Cap Radiator Fan Clutch Bearing Bracket Radiator Lower Hose Radiator Upper Hose Thermostat Thermostat / Thermostat Housing / Water Outlet Seal Thermostat Housing / Water Outlet Water Pump Water Pump Wrench
GATES Auto Electrical PartsAlternator / Generator Pulley Alternator Pulley Tool Battery Tester Static Strap
GATES Auto Emission PartsControl Duct Hose Crankcase Breather Cap EGR Pressure Feedback (DPFE) Hose Emission Hose PCV Valve / Crankcase Ventilation Hose Vapor Canister Vent Hose
GATES Auto Engine PartsBalance Shaft Belt Balance Shaft Belt Tensioner Crankshaft Seal Harmonic Balancer Oil Filler Cap Timing Belt Timing Belt & Component Kit Timing Belt Installation Tool Timing Belt Pulley Timing Belt Tension Tester Timing Belt Tensioner Timing Belt Tensioner Adjuster Timing Idler Timing Idler Sprocket Turbocharger / Intercooler Hose
GATES Auto Fuel/Air PartsAir Cleaner Intake Hose Fuel Filler Hose Fuel Hose Fuel System Tester Fuel Tank Cap Fuel Tank Cap Tester Adapter
GATES Auto Garage Equipment PartsWrench - Ratchet
GATES Auto Hardware PartsCopper Washer Hex Bolt O-Ring - English Size O-Ring - Metric Size
GATES Auto Heat & Air Conditioning PartsA/C Compressor Bypass Pulley A/C Compressor Service Valve / Adapter Heater Hose / Pipe Heater Hose Connector Heater Hose Shaping Coil
GATES Auto Hoses/Pipes/Clamps Parts1" - 2" Clamp 2" - 3" Clamp 3" - 4" Clamp 4" - 5" Clamp 5" - 6" Clamp < 1" Clamp > 6" Clamp Air Brake Hose - 1/2" Air Brake Hose - 3/8" Air Hose Air Hose Reel Air Vent Hose - Hump Air Vent Hose - Molded Elbow Air Vent Hose - Straight Coolant Hose (Flexible) Coolant Hose (Molded) - Silicone Coolant Hose (Molded) - Standard Coolant Hose (Straight) - Heavy Duty (2-ply) Coolant Hose (Straight) - Heavy Duty (4-ply) Coolant Hose (Straight) - Silicone Coolant Hose (Straight) - Standard Coolant Hose (Straight) - Wire Inserted Coolant Hose Hump Defroster Hose Disconnect Tool Driveway Signal Device Hose Exhaust Hose Exhaust Hose Connector Exhaust Hose Door Port Exhaust Hose Tail Pipe Adapter Gas Pump Hose Hose / Tube / Pipe Cutter / Bender Hose / Tube Bender Hose Clamp Pliers Hose I.D. Reducer Inverted Flare Union Multi-Use Hose Push-On Connector Push-On Hose Elbow Push-On Hose Tee Push-On Multi-Way Union Push-On Union Thermoplastic Clamp Removal Tool Vacuum Hose Water Hose
GATES Auto Literature PartsBelt Repair Manual Technical Service Bulletin
GATES Auto Steering PartsPower Steering Control Valve Rebuild Kit Power Steering Control Valve Seal Kit Power Steering Cylinder Boot Kit Power Steering Cylinder Line Hose Assembly Power Steering End Fitting Power Steering Power Cylinder Piston Rod Seal Kit Power Steering Power Cylinder Rebuild Kit Power Steering Pressure Hose Power Steering Pump Seal Kit Power Steering Pump Shaft Seal Power Steering Repair Kit Power Steering Reservoir Line Hose Power Steering Return Hose Power Steering Return Line End Fitting Power Steering Union Tube Rack and Pinion Bellow Rack and Pinion Gear Bearing Rack and Pinion Mounting Kit Rack and Pinion Seal Kit Steering Gear Input Shaft Seal Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Seal Steering Gear Rebuild Kit Steering Gear Seal Kit
GATES Auto Transmission-Automatic PartsOil Cooler Line
GATES Auto Transmission-Manual PartsClutch Fork Shaft Seal
GATES Auto Wiper & Washer PartsVacuum Hose