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2010 Ford Escape Ignition Coil

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Delphi $57.79
AutoZone Duralast $79.99
NAPA Delphi $107.38
Advance Delphi $109.58
O’Reilly BWD $119.99
(Regular Prices as of 9/25/2015)
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Part Number:



Tools & Universal Parts


Part #Alternate Part #Description
MOOG K6478  
MOOG K6479  
MOOG K6480  
MOOG K6481  
MOOG K72641  
MOOG K72642  
MOOG K72643  
MOOG K72644  
MOOG K915  
MOOG K916  
MOOG K917  
MOOG K918  
MOOG K97410 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9743 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9744 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9745 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9746 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9747 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9748 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9749 Dana 44 Axle; 4.74" Outside Diameter
MOOG K9771#5205114 
MOOG K9772  
MOOG K9781  
MOOG K9782  
MOOG K9791  
MOOG K9792  
MOOG K9821#4626165 
MOOG K9822  
MOOG K9931  
MOOG K9932  
MOOG K9933  
MOOG K9934  
MOOG K9935  
MOOG K9936  
MOOG K9941  
MOOG K9942  
MOOG K9943  
MOOG K9944  
MOOG K9945  
MOOG K9946  
MOOG K9951  
MOOG K9952  
MOOG K9953  
MOOG K9954  
MOOG K9955  
MOOG K9956  
MOOG K9961  
MOOG K9962  
MOOG K9963  
MOOG K9964  
MOOG K9965  
MOOG K9966  
MOOG K6623  
MOOG K6624  
MOOG K6625  
MOOG K6626  
MOOG K6627  
MOOG K7332 Camber Shim
MOOG K90145  
MOOG K90146  
MOOG K90147  
MOOG K90148  
MOOG K90149  
MOOG K90150  
MOOG K90152  
MOOG K90153  
MOOG K90210 Camber Shim
MOOG K90211 Caster Shim
MOOG K90479  
MOOG K90486  
MOOG K7440  
MOOG K7444  
MOOG K90482  
MOOG K7447  
MOOG K7439  
MOOG K90484  
MOOG K66612  
MOOG K90483  
MOOG K7443  
MOOG K90480  
MOOG K7446  
MOOG K7438  
MOOG K66611  
MOOG K90485  
MOOG K66603  
MOOG K66601  
MOOG K7445  
MOOG K7437  
MOOG K90481  
MOOG K66604  
MOOG K66602  
MOOG K66614  
MOOG K90478  
MOOG K7442  
MOOG K7441  
MOOG K67173  
MOOG K67172  
MOOG K67171  
MOOG K67174  
MOOG K80758 Camber Shim
MOOG K80757 Camber Shim
MOOG K100105  
MOOG K100104  
MOOG K100103  
MOOG K100102  
MOOG K100126 Problem Solver
MOOG K100135 Problem Solver
MOOG K100143  
MOOG K100149  
MOOG K100147  
MOOG K100150  
MOOG K100148  
MOOG K100034  
MOOG K100035  
MOOG K100036