STANT Cooling System : Cooling System Tester Adapter Auto Parts
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Tools & Universal Parts

Part #Alternate Part #Description
STANT 12016 Cooling System Adapter - 48mm x 3mm Threaded
STANT 12017 Cap Adapter - 48mm x 3mm Threaded
STANT 12018 Cooling System Adapter - 45mm x 3mm Threaded
STANT 12021 Cap Adapter - 45mm O.D.
STANT 12024 Cap Adapter - 44mm O.D.
STANT 12025 Cooling System Adapter - 31mm I.D. x 10mm Deep
STANT 12026 System Tester Cooling System Adapter - Threaded
STANT 12027 Cooling System Adapter - 32mm I.D. x 16mm Deep
STANT 12028 Cooling System Adapter - Threaded
STANT 12029 Cap Tester Cap Adapter - Threaded
STANT 12030 Cooling System Adapter - Threaded
STANT 12019 Cooling System Adapter - 52mm x 4mm Threaded
STANT 12023 Cooling System Adapter - 52mm x 3mm Threaded
STANT 12453 Cooling System Adapter - Adapter & Gasket Kit for B Size Filler Neck
STANT 12552 Cap Adapter - 3/4" Deep Caps
STANT 12032 Cooling System Adapter - Threaded 48mm I.D.
STANT 12033 Cap Adapter - Threaded 50mm O.D.
STANT 12034 Cooling System Adapter - 49.4mm x 3mm Threaded
STANT 12035 Cap Adapter - 51.3mm O.D. Threaded
STANT 12040 Cooling System Adapter - 48mm I.D. Threaded
STANT 12041 Cap Adapter - 51.3mm O.D. Threaded
STANT 12037 Cap Adapter - 59.2mm I.D. Threaded
STANT 12036 Cooling System Adapter - 62.7mm O.D. Threaded
STANT 12039 Cap Adapter - 62mm O.D. Threaded