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2010 Ford Escape Ignition Coil

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Delphi $57.79
AutoZone Duralast $79.99
NAPA Delphi $107.38
Advance Delphi $109.58
O’Reilly BWD $119.99
(Regular Prices as of 9/25/2015)
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Part #Alternate Part #Description
VDO PM102  
VDO PM105  
VDO PM109  
VDO PM111  
VDO PM113  
VDO PM114  
VDO PM115  
VDO PM121  
VDO PM123  
VDO PM129  
VDO PM131  
VDO PM132  
VDO PM136  
VDO PM137  
VDO PM138  
VDO PM140  
VDO PM141  
VDO PM149  
VDO PM150  
VDO PM151  
VDO PM2002  
VDO PM2004  
VDO PM206  
VDO PM215  
VDO PM220  
VDO PM225  
VDO PM230  
VDO PM240  
VDO PM241  
VDO PM247  
VDO PM249  
VDO PM2503  
VDO PM251  
VDO PM256  
VDO PM267  
VDO PM268  
VDO PM2700  
VDO PM2701  
VDO PM2702  
VDO PM2703  
VDO PM2709  
VDO PM271  
VDO PM2710  
VDO PM2713  
VDO PM2714  
VDO PM272  
VDO PM2723  
VDO PM2724  
VDO PM2726  
VDO PM2728  
VDO PM273  
VDO PM2730  
VDO PM276  
VDO PM281  
VDO PM284  
VDO PM287  
VDO PM290  
VDO PM292  
VDO PM299  
VDO PM321  
VDO PM332  
VDO PM3324  
VDO PM3327  
VDO PM3329  
VDO PM3340  
VDO PM3344  
VDO PM341  
VDO PM350  
VDO PM351  
VDO PM3533  
VDO PM3602  
VDO PM3607  
VDO PM3715  
VDO PM3724  
VDO PM3741  
VDO PM3762  
VDO PM3764  
VDO PM3772  
VDO PM3781  
VDO PM3785  
VDO PM3788  
VDO PM3789  
VDO PM3793  
VDO PM3795  
VDO PM3797  
VDO PM3798  
VDO PM3799  
VDO PM3904  
VDO PM3905  
VDO PM3910  
VDO PM3914  
VDO PM3922  
VDO PM3923  
VDO PM3924  
VDO PM3929  
VDO PM393  
VDO PM3947  
VDO PM3950  
VDO PM6002  
VDO PM6009  
VDO PM786  
VDO PM9175  
VDO PM9177  
VDO PM9178  
VDO PM9193  
VDO PM9197  
VDO PM9198  
VDO PM9201  
VDO PM9202  
VDO PM9204  
VDO PM9214  
VDO PM9215  
VDO PM9216  
VDO PM9218  
VDO PM9223  
VDO PM9237  
VDO PM9242  
VDO PM9252  
VDO PM9272  
VDO PM9275  
VDO PM9276  
VDO PM9280  
VDO PM9290  
VDO PM9295  
VDO PM9296  
VDO PM9297  
VDO PM9298  
VDO PM9301  
VDO PM9303  
VDO PM9315  
VDO PM9365  
VDO PM9373