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More Information for EASTERN CATALYTIC 30449
Eastern Catalytic Features:
  • Proprietary NANO technology chemistry yields highly efficient loadings for lower cost and better converter efficiency.
  • Full top and bottom heat shields on most converters.
  • High flow design retains maximum engine output and maximizes catalytic efficiency.

Which converter is legal for my state?

PDF : Converter Break-In Procedure

Video : Steps for Installing a Catalytic Converter

Video : Converter Installation Prerequisites

Video : Why Is My Converter Smaller than the OE?

Video : Troubleshooting the PO420 Error Code

Outlet HardwareNone
Outlet Gasket QtyNone
Inlet HardwareNone
Inlet Gasket QtyNone
Clamp Qty2
Inlet Type A2 Bolt Spinner
Inlet Type B2 Bolt Spinner
Outlet Type A2.5" OD
Outlet Type B2.5" OD
Overall Length (IN)51
O2 Sensor Ports4

EASTERN CATALYTIC Warranty Information
5 years/50,000 miles; Flex Pipes 90 days
Warranty Details