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More Information for QUINTON HAZELL 129091
Image is of a typical part(s); part appearance varies by application.
QH Lip; Type: Oil Pressure; Suspension Strut Insert
  • LipHydraMax shock absorbers noticeably reduce the hydraulic noise produced by many original fit shock absorbers. The use of 100% synthetic oil improves their performance in the most extreme temperatures or working conditions.
  • LipHydraMax shock absorbers incorporate a self-adjusting load resistance, always maintaining our commitment to providing a high safety factor.
  • LipHydraMax shock absorbers employ a compression valve with an anti-emulsion system, which prevents the formation of air bubbles in the oil, avoiding the resulting loss of performance.
  • LipHydraMax shock absorbers incorporate special seals ensuring the highest level of hydraulic integrity in the working chambers.
  • LipHydraMax shock absorbers, designed to be equivalent to the Original Equipment units, have passed all of the product development and production audits required for our ISO 9001: 2000 certification as well as the homologation requirements of the principal vehicle manufacturers.
  • Computer controlled quality control of each unit guarantees that every LipHydraMax shock absorber meets or exceeds the specifications of the original equipment part.