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More Information for FLENNOR FW530M
Length [in]: 21; Length [mm]: 530

Twin technology makes the difference: Due to soft rubber backs the new generation of high performance wiper blades runs extremely quiet and smooth, without any rubbing or squeaking. These blades adjust optimally to the windscreen regardless of weather conditions, ensuring the best possible efficiency. The aerodynamic design provides anti-lift properties at high speeds.

Wiper Comparison Chart

Design Low Profile / Aerodynamic Concealed Frame Constant Pressure Upgrade
Why It Matters Low profile/aerodynamic blades have a sleek, modern design and make constant contact with the windshield at highway speeds. Concealed frames reduce ice and snow build up as well as corrosion. With constant pressure blades, you are getting maximum windshield contact regardless of the windshield shape and the clearest wipe. Beam blades have gained popularity and have became the OE standard in recent years. If your vehicle came with a beam blade, stick with that style.
Improved Frame
Conventional Frame

FLENNOR Warranty Information
24 months