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BOSCH 3397001394
Left/Right Set; Contains 23" (580mm) Blade, 20" (500mm) Blade

Twin: Standard wiper blade with Quick-Clip universal adapter- optionally with and without spoiler

The Twin wiper blade from Bosch is ideal for situations where particular toughness is required to deal with adverse weather conditions. The robust metal bracket system and double corrosion protection ensure maximum resilience and a long service life. Twin stands for modern compound technology: Soft wiper blade element back for smooth operation and hard wiper-element lip with double microedge for perfect cleaning. Wiper-blade replacement could not be easier with the pre-assembled Quick-Clip universal adapter: Simply fit and engage - that's all there is to it.

  • Robust all-metal bracket system with double corrosion protection- particularly resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • High-performance wiper action thanks to modern compound technology
  • Super-soft, highly flexible wiper blade element back ensures particularly smooth, even operation with no judder or squeaking- even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Extra-hard wiper element lip with double microedge guarantees exceptionally thorough cleaning over the entire service life

Wiper Comparison Chart

Design Low Profile / Aerodynamic Concealed Frame Constant Pressure Upgrade
Why It Matters Low profile/aerodynamic blades have a sleek, modern design and make constant contact with the windshield at highway speeds. Concealed frames reduce ice and snow build up as well as corrosion. With constant pressure blades, you are getting maximum windshield contact regardless of the windshield shape and the clearest wipe. Beam blades have gained popularity and have became the OE standard in recent years. If your vehicle came with a beam blade, stick with that style.
Improved Frame
Conventional Frame

BOSCH Warranty Information
Alternators & Starters w/ Part Number not ending in "N": 24 months; Alternators & Starters w/ Part Number ending in "N": Lifetime Warranty for non-commercial passenger vehicles; Spark Plug Wire Sets: Lifetime; Wiper Products: 30 days; All other product lines: 12 months.