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More Information for RAYBESTOS 481PG
Pads & Shoes are sold as sets. Quantity of one (1) is for both wheels.
Professional Grade; Organic; 10.00 X 2.50
Professional Grade Brake Shoes are designed to provide the best overall premium performance for everyday driving conditions.

Feature: Contour or cam grounded
Benefit: Eliminates chatter and rear wheel lock-up

Feature: All shoes are recoined
Benefit: Provides correct shoe to drum contact

Feature: Highest shear strength
Benefit: Provides highest possible bond integrity

Steel Width:2.50
Brake Shoe Size:5
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 481NR

Closeout Inventory Warranty Information
Wholesaler Closeout items have a 30 day warranty (but still are covered by our Return Policy).

RAYBESTOS Regular Inventory Warranty Information
RAYBESTOS BRAKES Limited Lifetime: Advanced Technology®, Professional Grade® and Service Grade® Friction Material (Disc Pads and Brake Shoes); Professional Grade Hydraulics (Wheel Cylinders, New Master Cylinders, Brake Hoses, ABS Components, Brake Cables, Brake Hardware, Brake Calipers); Advanced Technology® and Professional Grade® Rotors and Drums. 12 Months: Professional Grade® Hub Bearings. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Normal/uneven wear is not covered
Warranty Details