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BOSCH 9616
OE Fine Wire Double Iridium

You don’t have to choose between high performance and long life in your iridium spark plug. Bosch Iridium is engineered to deliver both. The ultra fine wire design and laser welded tapered ground electrode deliver optimum performance, while the iridium center electrode and platinum ground electrode help it to go the distance.

Center Electrode:

    • 360º continuous laser welding to fuse the iridium firing pin promotes durability and long life
    • Ultra fine wire design delivers exceptional ignitability and performance
    • Copper core provides broader heat range to resist pre-ignition and fouling

Ground Electrode

    • Tapered shape reduces flame shrouding for improved combustion and more power
    • Laser welded iridium-platinum alloy inlay promotes durability and long life
    • Copper core (when required) provides broader heat range to resist pre-ignition

Nickel-plated shell with rolled threads provides complete anti-seize and corrosion protection

Ribbed insulator design prevents misfires due to flash-over

Spark Plug Type Performance Differences

Center Electrode Core MaterialNickel-Yttrium and Copper and Iridium
Center Electrode Tip MaterialIridium
Gap Size1.1 MM
Ground ConfigurationStandard
Ground Electrode Core MaterialN/A
Ground Electrode Quantity1
Ground Electrode Tip DesignTapered
Ground Electrode Tip MaterialNickel-Yttrium and Platinum
Hex Size16
Insulator MaterialCeramic
Manufacturer Heat Range7
Reach25 mm
Seat TypeTapered
Short StyleNo
Thread Diameter14 MM

BOSCH Warranty Information:
Alternators & Starters w/ Part Number Not Ending In "N": 24 months; Alternators & Starters w/ Part Number Ending In "N": Lifetime Warranty for Non-Commercial Passenger Vehicles; Spark Plug Wire Sets: Lifetime; Wiper Products: 30 days; Fuel Pumps Purchased After 10/1/16: Limited Lifetime. Engine Management Parts (like Air Management Sensors, Engine Position Sensors, Gasoline Fuel Injectors, High Pressure Fuel Pumps, Ignition Coils, Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Throttle Devices) Purchased After 11/15/16: Limited Lifetime. Engine Management Parts Purchased Before 11/15/16, Fuel Pumps Purchased Before 10/1/16, and All Other Product Lines: 12 months.