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Professional; Rapidfire
ACDelco's RAPIDFIRE Performance Platinum Spark Plugs offer longer life and improved efficiency over time as compared to conventional spark plugs.

The RAPIDFIRE Platinum Spark Plug design features:
  • Ribless insulator that may improve the plug-to-boot seal.
  • Tapered center wire electrode with a platinum pad that reduces the firing diameter and helps improve the firing efficiency by concentrating and directing energy needed to fire the plug with less voltage.
  • One-piece integral suppressor seal that helps reduce radio frequency interference, meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life, and seals against compression leakage.
  • Reduced sparking voltage & greater corrosion protection when compared to conventional spark plugs.
  • Fits engines that run conventional plugs, as well as newer vehicles that require platinum plugs Includes several marine applications.

Spark Plug Type Performance Differences

Ground Electrode Tip DesignNone
Ground ConfigurationNone
Ground Electrode Core MaterialNickel
Center Electrode Core MaterialCu-core Ni
Center Electrode Tip MaterialPt pad
Gap Size0.051 IN
Gap Size1.25 mm
Ground Electrode Quantity1
Hex Size16
Insulator Height52.06999999999999 MM
Manufacturer Heat Range12
Approximate Resistor Value6-15k ohms
Seat TypeConical
Reach0.68 IN
Reach17.5 mm
Thread Diameter14 MM
Resistor TypeYes

ACDELCO Warranty Information:
Lifetime for ignition wires, gas-charged shocks & struts, belts, hoses, universal joints, steering racks & gears, and ACDelco Professional chassis parts. Limited lifetime wear-out warranty for DuraStop brake pads and shoes. All other DuraStop brake parts, carry a limited 12 months/12,000 mile warranty. 24 months/24,000 miles for load-carrying and air-adjustable shocks, steering dampers. 24 months/24,000 miles for Professional New and Reman Alternators and Starters purchased on or after 3/1/12. Limited Lifetime for Professional Reman Alternators and Starters purchased before 3/1/12. 3 Year for RapidFire Performance Spark Plugs, 100,000 miles for Professional Platinum Spark Plugs, 100,000 miles for Iridium Spark Plugs. Limited Lifetime for Radiators purchased on or after 1/1/2015. 12 months/12,000 miles for other parts. Warranty returns can not be processed without complete VIN information on return instructions. IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: If the A/C system or the vehicle is five years or older, ACDelco requires a system flush and proof of purchase of an A/C Orifice Tube or A/C Expansion Valve for an A/C Compressor warranty to be valid.
Warranty Details