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DURA-GO BR900496
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DuraGo® (formerly Dura International) is the professional’s preferred choice for quality, safety and service in premium brake rotors and drums. Each of our parts are engineered to meet all requirements of fit, form and function. To ensure quality, we use multiple vane configurations and castings engineered to SAEJ431 metallurgical standards.


  • Multi-Stage Q.C. process to ensure parts meet dimensional and weight specifications.
  • Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified facilities.
  • Our core technology includes Resin, Cold and Oil sand Cores. Detailed cores allow for tighter tolerances and cleaner castings.
  • 100% tested metallurgy – Castings engineered to exact metallurgical standards for consistent quality, strength & performance.
  • Computerized machining results in tight tolerance controls.
Discard Thickness22.098
Nominal Thickness24.13
Height56.7 mm
Outer Diameter292 mm
Pattern100 mm
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 126192

DURA-GO Warranty Information:
12 months/12,000 miles