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More Information for BLUE STREAK ELECTRONICS ABS1347
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All Blue Streak ABS modules are fully remanufactured with high quality materials and fully tested on proprietary vehicle simulators for the best in quality assurance. All main pump drivers are upgraded to prevent recurring pump relay burnout, and Blue Streak ABS modules are plug and play for easy installation.

Symptoms of a faulty ABS Control Module:

  • Illumination of the ABS light on the dashboard
  • Disabled stability and traction control systems (if equipped)
  • Abnormal braking behavior at low speeds
  • Unresponsive brake pedal

Installation Tips:

  • Figure out what damaged the original unit and fix whatever caused the damage prior to installing a new module
  • Do not allow dirt or fluid to contaminate the electrical connections this can ruin the new unit
  • Do not remove any sealing labels or protective film until you are ready to connect the new unit
  • Thoroughly flush the entire brake system with new Brake Fluid prior to installing the new unit
  • Use extreme care when handling ABS control modules to avoid damage from static electricity

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 3523142, 35231422

1 Year (Unlimited Miles)