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w/ Clutch

Every new Four Seasons compressor design is put through a rigorous durability test that simulates operating 50,000 miles in the most extreme conditions before being approved for production, as well as being tested for noise and leaks - including vacuum decay and pressure decay - to ensure a long lasting, trouble free compressor. Compressors are shipped filled with 3 oz of PAG oil and will require the amount recommended by manufacturer to be added before installation.

Proper Compressor Installation to Prevent Premature Failure

Should I also replace my condenser?
It is recommended that the condenser be replaced whenever the compressor is replaced. While older Tube & Fin style condensers can technically be flushed, metal shards from a failed compressor can get lodged in the cylindrical tubes and restrict refrigerant flow, diminishing the heat transfer capabilities of the condenser and A/C system. Newer style, mini-tube condensers cannot be flushed and should always be replaced along with the compressor.

How to Prevent Compressor Lubrication Failure
Noisy Compressor? It might be a restricted Discharge Line
Why Clean or Change the Expansion Valve When Replacing a Compressor?
Oil TypePAG 150
Connector TypeSpade
New or RemanCompressors - New
Switch / Sensor DescHigh Pressure
Suction Port TypeO-Ring / Sealing Washer
Mount TypeCase Mount
Mount Distance IN1.203125
Belt TypeV-Belt
O-Ring A Quantity1
O-Ring A Number/Desc[24359] / Short Sealing Washer Pilot
O-Ring B Quantity1
O-Ring B Number/Desc[24360] / Long Sealing Washer Pilot
O-Ring C Quantity2
O-Ring C Number/Desc[24356] / Red Sealing Washer
O-Ring D Quantity1
O-Ring D Number/Desc[24357] / Green Sealing Washer
ModelR4 Heavy
Groove1 groove
Ctch Dia. IN Prmy5.000
Refrigerant TypeR-134A
Coil Clock12
Coil Voltage12 Volt

FOUR SEASONS Warranty Information
Compressors 2 years/24,000 miles. Heater cores and fan clutches 12 month/12,000 miles. All other parts 120 days. Commercial, heavy duty, or fleet use - Compressors 12 month. IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: In order to ensure that proper warranty credit is issued if needed, the compressor installation instructions must be adhered to. All compressors returned for defect must show proof of purchase of an Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve, Drier, and A/C System Flush or a Work Order showing the purchase of these items and that the system was flushed.
Warranty Details