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Motorcraft® Oxygen Sensor Highlights Include:
  • Units come ready to “plug and play,” with no need for modifications
  • OE connectors and wire lengths
  • Tight tolerance ranges help minimize repeat repairs and false “Check Engine” warnings
  • Designed to help provide optimal performance and fuel economy
  • OE enhancements are included in the most current designs

Common O2 Sensor Locations, Service Intervals, & Helpful Links:

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 5C5Z9F472AA, DY834, XC2F9F472AA, XC2Z9F472AA

MOTORCRAFT Warranty Information
24 months/unlimited miles
Struts/Shock Absorbers: lifetime limited warranty to original purchaser
IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: To effectively restore an air conditioning system after compressor failure or other system contamination, in addition to compressor replacement, the following should also be completed: 1) Replace the A/C Receiver Drier/Accumulator. 2) Replace the A/C Expansion Valve. 3) Replace the hose assemblies. 4) Perform a complete system flush and install an in-line pancake filter (YF-2575). 5) Replace the condenser (on vehicles built prior to 1995). In the event that subsequent compressor warranty reimbursement is requested, supporting documentation that indicates the above was completed may be required to maintain the warranty coverage on the Motorcraft® compressor.
Warranty Details