Frequently Asked Questions  


  • Q: What kinds of parts do you sell?
    A: We sell almost every type of auto part, from engines to tail lights. We sell suspension parts (like struts & shocks), electrical parts (like alternators, starters, switches & relays), ignition parts (like spark plugs, distributors & coils), chassis parts (like ball joints, tie rod ends, springs), fuel & emission parts (like carburetors, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, EGR valves), little parts (like filters, wiper blades, & rear view mirror glass) and big parts (like radiators, engine blocks & complete rebuilt transmissions). We sell the types of parts you might find in your local NAPA or AutoZone--but we have more selection, more vehicle applications and lower prices. We also sell lots of things you won't find in a typical auto parts store (like sheet metal, bumpers, carpets & shop manuals).

  • Q: Where do your parts come from?
    A: We sell OE parts like you would buy at a dealership, aftermarket parts like you would buy at a local auto parts store, remanufactured parts from leading companies and specialty parts from small companies you may not have heard of (like repair manuals on CD and Ford Explorer/Ranger armrest repair kits). Everything we sell comes with a full manufacturer warranty.

  • Q: Can you send me a paper catalog?
    A: No, we do not have a paper catalog. All of our available parts are listed in our online catalog which is continually updated.

  • Q: I can't find a part I'm looking for. Where is it?
    A: Besides choosing the make, year, model and engine size of your vehicle to search for parts, the Part Catalog has several other easy to use search features.

    The search box at the top of the catalog (underneath the tabs) can help you start a focused search for a particular part or vehicle. The search box will attempt to predict the year, make, model and part you are looking for as you start typing.
    In the box at the top of the catalog

    Use the "Find Category" search box to highlight the category a particular part is in. This search box will also anticipate the parts you are looking for. For example, typing "oxygen sen" will display a list of all the items related to and including "oxygen sensor". The order of your search does not matter. All words in the listing are searched (e.g. typing "gasket" will show results for all parts in the category with "gasket" in the name). You can also use the filter to highlight all the categories with closeout parts.
    Using the "Find Category" search box

    The "Filter by Keyword" search box is an option once you have chosen a part type. For example, in the "Brake Pad" category you can search for front, rear, ceramic etc. This filter also supports Google-like operators (like "organic or CENTRIC -Wagner" to see organic pads from anyone, all pads from Centric, and nothing from Wagner).
    The "Filter by Keyword" search box

    All the parts we carry are listed in our catalog. If you are looking in the correct category and the part is not there, we do not have it. We are continually updating and adding parts to the catalog, so we encourage you to check back often if you do not initially find what you are looking for.

  • Q: What do the check boxes at the top of the catalog do?Filter check boxes
    A: These check boxes allow you to easily filter the vehicle choices in the catalog. You can filter the vehicles displayed by checking or unchecking the various boxes at the top of the catalog. By default all the boxes are checked, and all vehicles are shown. You can uncheck the boxes of the countries you do not want to display. For example if you want to display only US Market vehicles in the catalog, you would uncheck the European Union and Canadian boxes. To show only vehicles manufactured after 1994, uncheck this box.

  • Q: Which part fits my car?
    A:Find your vehicle (Make, Year, Model and Engine) and part category (e.g. "brake pad") in the catalog to see all the parts we have of that type for that vehicle. Here's an example of a part as it appears in our catalog:

    Parts listed often differ by brand (CENTRIC is the brand of this part), features (Premium Semi-Metallic pads with shims included) and/or location (the small truck icon means this part can ship with others already in the shopping cart, helping to minimize shipping costs).

    Sometimes a single vehicle uses multiple versions of a part (front brake pads and rear brake pads, for example). And sometimes different versions of a vehicle require different parts. (A particular year/make/model/engine combination may have been offered as a sedan or station wagon, in different trim levels and/or with options such as All-Wheel-Drive, air conditioning, or a towing package the original owner may or may not have chosen).

    The part description lists fitment details that should be checked prior to purchase. For example, the brake pads above fit the rear if your vehicle (a 2001 Acura Integra with a 1.8L engine) is a GS, GS-R, or LS Model. However, if you have the Type-R version of that Integra, the part would not fit. The correct part for the Type-R would be:

    Clicking the "Info" Info Button button next to the part number will display additional specifications, images and other information to help confirm this is the part you need.

    Don't worry if some attribute is not mentioned, or if one part listings mentions one attribute (like "station wagon") and a different listing mentions another (like "w/towing package"). Each part manufacturer only lists information relevant to his part. But if an attribute is listed and is not true of your vehicle (like when you see "GS, GS-R, LS" above and your Integra is none of those; it's a Type R), please choose a different part.

  • Q: What if I don't know whether my car has a feature listed in a part description?
    A: You can verify your vehicle's features by:
    • Inspecting or measuring the original part on your vehicle
    • Looking for stickers placed by the manufacturer of your vehicle in the engine compartment, on the door jamb, or inside the glove box, console or trunk
    • Using an online VIN search to decode the VIN number
    • Reviewing your owner's manual
    • Asking your mechanic or technician
    • Searching the internet for forums where someone asked the same question; or posting a question yourself (Owner Clubs & Links on our home page is a good place to start)
    • Contacting a local dealership with the VIN number (vehicle manufacturers allow their dealers access to VIN details they do not share with third-party databases)
  • Q: Why would I use the expand/collapse arrow icons?
    A: Focus on the information of greatest interest to you by using the arrow icons to expand or collapse catalog sections. For example, some parts may be further subdivided into several broad categories. Brake pads may have Economy, Daily Driver and High Performance/Heavy Duty options. Spark plugs may be available in Copper, Platinum or Iridium. You can reduce or expand the number of categories shown by clicking on the downward or right facing arrows next to the title.

  • Q: Is the part I want in stock?
    A: Everything is in stock unless marked "Non-stock."

  • Q: What is LH/LT/Left Hand vs. RH/RT/Right Hand?
    A: The side is determined as if you are sitting in the vehicle.

  • Q: What is a Return and Rebuild Service (R&R)?
    A: When cores are in short supply, it's difficult to keep remanufactured items in stock. "Return and Rebuild Service Only" means we don't have an already-rebuilt part to send you; you must send your old part to be rebuilt and then returned to you.

    When you order an R&R part, we'll collect your payment and send you instructions via email explaining where to send your old part. You'll need to pay a carrier like UPS or FedEx to ship it to the manufacturer (see table below for locations). The cost of shipping it back to you is included in your order total. Core charges do not apply to R&R parts (if a core charge was applied to your order, it will be refunded when the R&R instructions are sent). If your old part cannot be remanufactured, it will be returned to you and the rebuild cost will be refunded, except for any testing/handling fee charged by the manufacturer (see table below).

    Rebuild times vary depending on the part and company. These times do not include shipping time to and from the manufacturer:
    Manufacturer Rebuild Times Testing/Handling Fee Locations
    Alliance 1-2 business days $20 testing fee if unit tests good Dayton, OH
    Autoline 6-13 business days No testing or handling fees Minneapolis, MN
    Cardone 3-5 business days (Electronics may take 7-10 business days due to high volume) No testing or handling fees Philadelphia/Texas depending on part type
    Dorman 5-7 business days No testing or handling fees Colmar, PA
    GB Reman 1-5 business days (diesel fuel injector pumps 2-4 weeks due to high volume) No testing or handling fees Long Beach, CA
    Lares 3-5 business days No testing or handling fees Cambridge, MN

  • Q: What is a "wholesaler closeout"?
    A: Briefly, closeout parts:

    • Parts acquired in bulk at discounted prices
    • Limited availability
    • Cannot be replaced with regular inventory at the same price
    • May differ from regular inventory in design, construction, and included accessories, but differences do not affect overall fit and function
    • Have a 30 day warranty/return policy

    For more detailed information about closeout parts, see below:

    "Wholesaler closeout" parts come from several circumstances: A manufacturer may discontinue certain part numbers or drop an entire product line. A distributor may switch from one brand of products to a competing brand. A store may decide to clear out slow-selling parts to make room for more popular items.

    In circumstances like these, the seller is willing to accept a small fraction of retail value from someone willing to take all the parts at once. Wholesalers specializing in surplus inventory make these bulk purchases and then re-distribute the parts to other stores and distributors, or to overseas markets.

    RockAuto is not a wholesaler of surplus inventory, but we work with some of those companies to offer their products to our customers. These parts are a tremendous value. They're new (or remanufactured), name-brand items that fit the same as our regular inventory, but because the wholesaler paid pennies on the dollar, we can afford to sell them for much less than retail price. In the case of discontinued parts, closeout inventory allows us to offer parts that otherwise would no longer be available at all.

    In most cases in which a "wholesaler closeout" is offered, our catalog also offers the same part from our regular inventory, fully warranted, at regular price. Each customer can decide if the cost savings for closeout parts, in his or her situation, are enough to offset the slightly higher risk. Many of these parts have a limited availability, so when they are sold out, we can not offer an alternate regular inventory part for the same price.

    Manufacturers make small changes to their parts over time without changing the fit or function. The part descriptions in our catalog are always based on the most current data and part designs available from our manufacturers. Wholesaler closeout parts, because of the nature of how they are obtained, tend to be older inventory. Because it is older inventory, wholesaler closeout parts may differ from the regular inventory in design, construction, and included accessories, but these differences do not affect the overall fit and function. For example, a ball joint in regular inventory might be painted black with no grease fitting while the older, wholesaler closeout ball joint of the same brand is painted silver with a grease fitting. The part for the right side might be a different color than the part for the left side. Differences in appearance could be important to some customers such as those preparing classics for exhibition at car shows.

    Our regular return policy applies to everything we sell, including "wholesaler closeout" items. However, because we are buying these parts from a wholesaler, and not from the manufacturer or one of the manufacturer's authorized distributors, the manufacturer will not honor warranty claims on closeout items.

  • Q: What does "Private Label Pkg" mean?
    A: Parts labeled "Private Label Pkg" are similar to other parts, except they come in a plain package instead of one that includes branding. Private label packaging may have other company brands stamped on them as part of a wholesale closeout special.

  • Q: Why are your prices so much lower than at my local store or dealership?
    A: Our prices are lower because our costs are lower. Local stores have to buy inventory, put it on the shelf and pay someone to stand at a counter looking up parts in paper catalogs or in the store's computer system. A part may sit on the shelf for a year or more before someone with that particular vehicle needs that particular part and decides to buy it from that particular store--when they do, the store owner needs to recover a year's worth of cost in one sale.

    RockAuto customers choose their own parts using our online catalog. We ship directly to our customers from wholesale warehouses or manufacturers. We have no retail stores, no counter-people and we don't have a lot of money tied up in slow-moving inventory. We pass the savings on to our customers with lower prices. Our cost savings are all in distribution, though--the parts we sell are the same first-quality merchandise you'd find in any reputable store.

  • Q: Why is there such a wide range of prices between brands?
    A: Some customers insist on "nothing but the best." Others say, "I just want something that will work." We try to satisfy both by offering parts at different price/quality levels.

    Premium brands are often identical to the parts that came on the vehicle originally. Sometimes they are even "better than new" because they're designed to solve problems the car manufacturer overlooked. They are made from top-quality materials that will last a long time. And of course, Premium brands spend a lot on marketing.

    Economy parts are usually made outside North America. They may look different than the OEM part they replace (though they will fit the vehicle). They may lack features like grease fittings or chamfered edges. They may use lower-quality materials and wear out sooner. These parts are designed to meet, but probably not exceed, OEM requirements. They're functional parts at a great price.

    If you're an aggressive driver, travel a lot of miles, use your truck to haul heavy loads, and plan to keep it a long time, it's probably worth the extra money for a Premium part. If you're just running errands around town and your car has so many miles that the engine is likely to die before the brake pads or ball joints wear out, Economy parts are probably fine.

  • Q: What does the "core" column mean?
    A: A core is the old part you are replacing. When you buy a remanufactured part, manufacturers need the core so they can rebuild it and add it to their inventory. The core charge is like a deposit on a soda bottle--you pay it when you place the order, but it's refunded if you send back your old part. For more information about cores, please
    click here.

  • Q: What does a part look like? Info Button
    A: If there is an "Info" button next to the part number, click on it to see the part and/or more information relating to the part. Please rely on the description in the catalog to choose which part to order, and the "More Info" for general information. We try hard to always show an exact picture of a particular part, but color, logo, texture, side (LH , RH, Front, Rear), place of manufacture etc. may vary from what is shown in the image. Manufacturers may change product packaging, colors, and graphics without notice.
    Tip: A new browser window will open when you click the More Info button. If this does not happen, you may have a pop-up blocker installed. Most blockers can be bypassed by holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard while clicking on the button.

  • Q: What do the flags in the catalog mean?
    A: Vehicles with a flag next to them (European model for European models, Canadian model for Canadian models and Mexican model for Mexican models) are unique to those markets. Vehicles with no flag were sold in the US and/or multiple markets.

    A flag next to a part number or car name indicates the market for which the part manufacturer has provided application data. Part manufacturers often provide application data only for their local markets so we do not know whether their parts also fit cars in other markets.

    If there are no flags: Car and parts are for the US/Canadian market (as far as we know, the car was not sold elsewhere).

    If there is a flag next to the car name in part listing heading: Car and parts are for a market outside the US, indicated by the flag (as far as we know, the car was not sold in the US).

    If there are flags next to part applications: Car was sold in multiple markets and the part (and any associated note) applies to vehicles originally sold in the market indicated by the flag. For example, in the illustration below, both parts fit Audi A4 cars sold in Canada, Europe and the US However, the "Front Left Upper Front" and "Front Right Upper Front" notes apply to cars sold in US and Canada; and the "Front Left Upper Front; From 07.95; To 09.01" and "Front Right Upper Front; From 11.00; To 12.04" apply to cars sold in Europe.

    Please Note: Where your vehicle was manufactured has nothing to do with where your vehicle was sold. For example, a Honda built in Japan is still a US Market vehicle if it was purchased in the US.

  • Q: If I don’t have a brand preference for a given part type, can the catalog help me choose parts that will ship together from the same warehouse to reduce my shipping costs?
    A: If you are more interested in low costs than the part brands you are ordering, you may choose to have our website decide which brand is your best choice. The program will consider several factors including the cost of separate shipments, the price of the parts, and the distance from the warehouse to you. View video on how to use this tool and others to minimize shipping costs below.

    To utilize this feature, check the “Choose for Me to Minimize Cost” box at the upper right corner of the part category you are interested in ordering:


    If you would like to order an air filter, for example, but would be happy with any number of brands, check the “Alternate” box next to each part you would be OK with and then click “Add Part”:


    The selected parts will be grouped together in your shopping cart where you can specify the overall quantity you need of that part type:


    If you would like to add another group of parts, you may go back to the catalog and check the "Alternate" box next to the parts you wish to add and click "Add Part”. Our system will help select the part(s) that can ship with the parts already in your shopping cart to help keep your shipping cost low. In the example below, the combination of parts our website selected from 3 part groupings will result in the lowest possible shipping cost:

    When grouping parts, make sure you create a new group for each unique part type. For example, if you’d like to order a pair of rear rotors but group parts listed as “Rear Left” with parts listed as “Rear Right”, you will likely receive either 2 Rear Left or 2 Rear Right rotors. A separate group must be created for each part type you are interested in ordering (in this case, you should create 1 group containing Rear Left rotors and another containing Rear Right rotors).

  • Q: How can I print from your catalog?
    A: Click the Printer Icon icon. Doing this will pop up the content to be printed in a separate page along with your printers dialog box.

  • Q: Do you offer discounts for large orders?
    A: No, but we do have a discount program for repeat customers. You'll receive a discount code via email about a month after you place your order.

  • Q: Can I see prices in my country's currency?
    A: At the top of the RockAuto catalog there is a "Show Prices In" drop-down box. When the drop-down box is selected you can choose to view the prices in our catalog in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Mexican Pesos or Norwegian Krone. Prices are calculated based on interbank exchange rates updated each morning. Please note that, because we are a US merchant, credit card companies and PayPal process all our transactions in US Dollars. The amount in local currency appearing on your bank or PayPal statement may vary if they use a different exchange rate or add fees for international transactions.

  • Q: Can I share my shopping cart with my mechanic/neighbor/brother-in-law?
    A: Clicking the "Email this cart to a friend" icon Email this cart to a freind will Email the contents of your shopping cart. The Email your friend receives will have a link that will open a copy of your shopping cart in the RockAuto catalog.

  • Q: Can I have more than one shopping cart open at the same time?
    A: Yes, you can. The "Rename Cart", "Edit Cart", and "Clear Cart" Rename, Edit, and Clear Cart icons allow you to add shopping carts, change the name of each, and delete a cart.

  • Q: Can I view my saved shopping carts from any PC?
    A: You can associate shopping carts with your account, simply by logging into your account. Once logged in, any shopping carts that are saved on the computer will automatically be associated with your account, and you will be able to view them from any computer on which you log into your account.

  • Q: How much is shipping?
    A: We calculate shipping charges using "live" FedEx, US Postal Service, UPS, DHL, and truck freight rates. When you add a part to your shopping cart, change a quantity or change your address, the cart automatically recalculates shipping based on the weight and size of your order and your postal (zip) code. As you're building your order, you'll always know the full delivered cost -- before you've entered your credit card number or any other personal information.

    We try to make our shipping charges match what carriers charge us. We do not consider shipping a "profit center" -- on the contrary, we pass on to customers the discounts we receive from carriers. For some orders, the shipping cost does include more than just the postage you see on the box you receive. Examples include:

    * Additional fees charged by our suppliers for shipping special-order items directly to consumers
    * Costs of inbound shipping from suppliers who will not ship internationally to us before forwarding them on to you (applies only to international or APO/FPO orders of certain low-volume parts)
    * Impact of choosing higher-cost suppliers for some parts so everything on an order can ship together (when the cost difference between suppliers is lower than the cost of shipping a separate box).

    If any of these situations exists with your order, it's reflected in the shipping cost you see before you submit the order. We never add extra charges after the order is submitted--what you agree to pay when you enter the order is what you will be charged.

  • Q: What shipping choices do you have? / When should I expect delivery?
    A: Shipping options available to your address appear in the "Shipping" drop-down box in the shopping cart after you enter your zip code. Note: Please include a business name as well as the name of the person to receive the package if shipping to a non-residential address. Not all shipping options are available for every postal code. Please use the shopping cart to determine which options are available for your area. Ground and Business Day Express can only be delivered to an actual address, not a PO Box. Please allow one business day for in stock items to be shipped.

    Shipping Method Time Note
    Domestic (United States)

    ------ ------
    Ground 1-6 business days from the time of shipment Residential address delivered Tuesday-Saturday / Business address Monday-Friday
    Next Business Day Express 1 business day from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    2 Business Day Express 2 business days from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    3 Business Day Express 3 business days from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    First Class Mail 2-6 business days from the time of shipment  
    Priority Mail Express 1-3 business days from the time of shipment  
    Priority Mail 1-6 business days from the time of shipment When entering APO/FPO address information in shopping cart, leave the country as United States. Do not change country to where you are since the APO/FPO office is in the United States. Input just the APO/FPO zip code. The correct city, state, and country will be automatically filled in.
    Parcel Select
    2-10 business days from the time of shipment With the exception of delivery to Alaska and Hawaii where container ships may carry the mail and can take as long as 6-8 weeks. Parcel Select is an option only if no other type of mail service is available.
    Media Mail 2-9 business days from the time of shipment  
    Truck Freight 1-6 business days from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    International and APO/FPO
    (GST and VAT Information)
    ------ ------
    Canada Post Expedited Items usually arrive within 1-9 business days from the time of shipment Delivery times are estimated between major cities in Canada and select International destinations
    Canada Post Express Items usually arrive within 1-6 business days from the time of shipment Delivery times are estimated between major cities in Canada and select International destinations
    Canada Post Xpresspost Items usually arrive within 1-4 business days from the time of shipment Delivery times are estimated between major cities in Canada and select International destinations
    Economy (Consolidated) Items usually arrive within 9 business days after being shipped but can take as long as 12 business days depending on location Shipments destined for multiple recipients will be consolidated until crossing the border. Final delivery is handled by common carriers (e.g. UPS) or by postal carriers (e.g. Royal Mail). When opting for delivery to a rural postal code, please make sure to specify delivery address that can accommodate the latter.
    Ground (Consolidated) Items usually arrive within 2-8 business days after being shipped but can take as long as 11 business days depending on location. Shipments destined for multiple recipients will be consolidated until crossing the border. Final delivery is handled by common carriers (e.g. UPS) or by postal carriers (e.g. Canada Post). When opting for delivery to a rural postal code, please make sure to specify delivery address that can accommodate the latter.
    DHL Express 1-6 business days from the time of shipment  
    Ground 3-6 business days business days from the time of shipment Trackable through FedEx or Purolator
    FedEx International Priority 1-4 business days from the time of shipment Trackable through FedEx
    International Economy 2-6 business days from the time of shipment Trackable through FedEx or DHL
    International Heavyweight 3-8 business days from the time of shipment Trackable through DHL
    Parcelforce 1-7 business days from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    With exception of delivery to APO/FPO addresses: there is no official estimated time for APO/FPO addresses, but can take upwards of 45 days
    Priority Mail Express 3-6 business days from the time of shipment to reach destination country, plus local delivery time Trackable through USPS
    Priority Mail International 5-16 business days from the time of shipment to reach destination country, plus local delivery time Trackable through USPS
    UK Specific Delivery Options

    ------ ------
    FedEx Ground Priority 1-3 business days from the time of shipment Some northern postcodes 2-3 days for Priority delivery
    FedEx Ground Economy 3-6 business days from the time of shipment Some northern postcodes maximum of 7 days
    Royal Mail Second Class 4 business days from the time of shipment  
    Parcelforce Express24 1 business day from the time of shipment Monday-Friday
    Parcelforce Express48 1-3 business days from the time of shipment Monday-Friday

  • Q: What does "May take up to X days to ship due to Destination Address" mean?
    A: Some warehouses are unable to ship directly to certain addresses, so the parts need to be transferred to an intermediate warehouse that is able to ship to the given destination. This often is the case for APO/FPO or other addresses where mail is the only available shipping method. If you want to avoid this delay, try having your order shipped to an address where FedEx or UPS can deliver (i.e. a physical address instead of an APO/FPO) if possible.

  • Q: Can I have the parts shipped to my mechanic/neighbor/brother-in-law?
    A: The bill-to address on your order must match what your credit card company has on file. We can ship to a different address if you wish, though this may add some time to your order while we verify that its OK to ship to the alternate address. Uncheck the "Shipping Address" button in the shopping cart and enter the a ship-to address.

  • Q: I've ordered before, do I have to re-enter all my contact information?
    A: No, just enter your Email Address and either Order Number or Zip Code from a past order and click "Remember Me" on the check out page.

  • Q: Why do you need my email address & phone number?
    A: We send an order confirmation to your email address immediately and a shipment notification with tracking number(s) after the order ships. We use your phone number only to contact you if there is a problem processing your order. Please review our privacy statement for more information.

  • Q: Can I Pre-Pay Duty and Tax? Pre-Pay Duty and Tax?
    A: Prepayment of tax is limited to certain countries, warehouses and ship methods. If a tax amount does not appear for a portion of your order, we are unable to prepay tax for that shipment. If you are ordering parts for your business, you may have the option to enter your tax ID number. Go to the Policies page for more information about placing an order from outside the USA.

  • Q: Why can't discounts be applied to shipping charges?
    A: Percent-off discounts don't apply to shipping because we don't mark-up shipping. All shipping charges go to FedEx, UPS, DHL, the US postal service, or whichever carrier delivered the order to the customer.

  • Q: How do I use a discount code?
    A: Enter the discount code in the "How did you hear about us" box in the shopping cart. Enter the code without any other numbers or characters. Discounts cannot be applied once an order has shipped.


  • Q: What payment methods do you offer?
    Payment Methods
    A: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal, wire transfers, checks/money orders, and cash deposits at Wells Fargo banks for US customers. Canadian customers may make deposits at the Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank and CIBC banks. Canadian customers can pay with checks/money orders, and customers of the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank and TD may use their bank's online "Bill Pay" service. European customers may make bank transfers in British pounds or Euros. We do not offer COD delivery. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Your credit card company will do any conversions to your local currency if you are using a credit card issued outside the US. Payment options will be displayed in the shopping cart when the bill-to address of the order is in the appropriate country.

  • Q: I'm interested in ordering online, is your website secure?
    A: Yes! We use 128-bit EV SSL encryption for the shopping cart, so your name and address as well as the credit card number you send us is protected. Most browsers show a small padlock in the corner of the screen to confirm you are viewing a secure site. If you double-click on that padlock, you'll see the details of our SSL certificate.
    Online Trust Alliance Comodo SSL Certificate Safe Shopping Network

  • Q: Can I use multiple payment methods on one order?
    A: Yes, you can (Up to four not counting Gift Certificates and Store Credits). On the "Check Out" page:
      • choose a payment method
      • check the "Split Payment?" box Split Payment box
      • enter any needed information
      • enter the amount you wish to apply to the first payment method
      • click "Add Payment"

    Your payment will be displayed in the "Payments" section, with the remaining balance. If you choose not to use a given payment method, use the "Remove" button and that method will not be charged. Repeat the above steps for any methods you wish to use to pay a part of the remaining balance.

    To specify a payment method for the remaining balance (balance will be shown in the "Amount" box):

      • choose a payment method
      • enter any needed information
      • click "Place Order"

  • Q:What are Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode?
    A:Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are services provided collectively by Visa/MasterCard, a card-issuing bank, and RockAuto. A customer that is enrolled with one of the two services can be assured that his card will not be used at an online merchant without his permission, as long as that merchant participates in the service.

    If your bank does not participate, you will see RockAuto's order confirmation page after clicking the "Place Order" button. If your bank participates in the services and you choose to pay with a Visa or MasterCard, you will see a message frame on the screen after clicking the "Place Order" button on the checkout page.

    The message you see depends on whether or not you are enrolled with one of the two services. If enrolled, you will see a personal message that you have already created at your bank's website and you will be prompted to enter your password. If you are not enrolled, the message will ask you if you would like to activate the service. You may always "Activate Later" and your order will still process normally. If you are prompted to enter a password, you must enter the one you already created in order to complete checkout. Any information that you enter in the frame bypasses RockAuto completely and is transmitted securely to your bank.

    For more information about Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, please visit the following sites: Verified by Visa Info and MasterCard SecureCode Info

  • Q:What is the difference between an authorization and a charge?
    A: Like every mail-order retailer, when you place an order we ask your bank's permission to charge your card. Your bank may place funds “on hold” in response to our authorization request. If your order will not ship, we notify your bank that we will not use the authorization. It is your bank's responsibility to remove this “hold.” We don't actually charge your card or collect money from your bank until your order ships.

    The only time we may charge your card before all items on your order have shipped is if you pay with a Visa or Mastercard and your order needs to remain open longer than 2 days. This is because Visa and MasterCard require us to charge or void transactions within a certain number of days. If your order or any parts on the order are canceled later, we will automatically refund the difference to your card.

  • Q: How do I use my Store Credit?
    A: To use your Store Credit, select “Gift Certificate or Store Credit” as the payment method. Enter the code we sent you in the “Card #” field. Click “Add Payment”. The amount of your Store Credit will be deducted from your order total.

  • Q: I just placed my order. Will it ship today?
    A: Please allow one business day for your order to process. Orders placed by noon central time usually ship the same day but we cannot guarantee that an order will ship the same day it is placed. Orders do not ship on weekends. Customer is responsible for ensuring that FedEx, UPS, and/or any other carrier used can deliver to specified shipping address.

  • Q: How can I print an order confirmation?
    A: You'll get a confirmation email when your order is placed that you can print. You'll also see a confirmation web page which you can print from your browser immediately after placing your order.

  • Q: How can I track the status of my order, request changes to my order, and return parts (including cores) if necessary?
    A: You can do all this from the Order Status & Returns page:

    The Processing section will show you the items in your order that have not been shipped. You can also request an item be reduced in quantity or canceled here.
    The Processing section

    The Action Required section gives you the ability to modify an order if a part is out of stock.
    The Action Required section

    The Shipped section displays all tracking information. If a shipped item can be returned, a "Return" button will be available for that item.
    The Shipped section

    The Returns section is where you can view the items you have selected to return (including cores) and obtain specific return instructions for each item.
    The Returns section

  • Q: Not all the parts came in the box!
    A: Orders may ship from multiple warehouses, so parts may come in separate boxes.

  • Q: The part I received looks like it was made by a different company.
    A: Manufacturers sometimes buy parts from other companies to save the cost of tooling and/or to supplement inventory between production runs. They sometimes sell the same parts under different brands. And they sometimes make minor design changes which do not affect performance (such as using a different color of plastic on a PCV valve or different color paint on a shock absorber). As a retailer, we have no control over those decisions. If the part you received is in Company A's box, we bought it from A, we paid A's price for it, it meets A's specifications and it is covered by A's warranty. If you choose to return it because you disagree with Company A's aesthetic or make-versus-buy decisions, shipping is not refundable and, if you re-order it, you probably will receive the same item (unless Company A made another design or sourcing change in the meantime).

  • Q: What is the warranty on my part?
    A: Please visit our Warranty policy page for more information.

  • Q: What is your return policy?
    A: Everything we sell is returnable for full part cost credit within 30 days (except parts which have been installed, painted, modified, or returned without their original packaging and certain special order / discontinued items identified in our catalog as "No Return"). If you decide you don't need a part, we don't mind taking it back, but, we can't recover shipping costs. For most returns, you have the option of generating a discounted FedEx return label from the Order Status & Returns page (with shipping costs deducted from your refund). Please follow this link for more information about our return policy.

  • Q: Does return shipping cost more?
    A: Returns are easy! You can print a return label at home, using our Order Status & Returns page and just drop off the package anywhere there's a FedEx pickup location. If you just decided not to use the part, you'll pay only our discounted FedEx rates (this service is available to customers worldwide, as long as your order was shipped and billed to addresses in the same country).

  • Q: I recently returned an item, when will I receive a refund?
    A: Refunds typically take up to five business days to be issued. Refunds will be issued in the same form as the original payment (e.g., if we received a payment by credit card, then we will issue a refund to that same credit card). Payments excepted from this policy include wire transfers, EFTs (electronic funds transfers), or any other cash payment for which we cannot issue refunds in kind. In these cases, a refund will be issued with a store credit or a US/Canadian dollar check. Once a refund has been issued, we send a confirmation by email. Providing us with a return tracking number will ensure a faster refund time. If you entered the return tracking information into the Order Status & Returns page, you do NOT need to email us, as we will already have the tracking information on file.


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