About the Repair Index

Before buying a car or truck or recommending vehicles to family or friends, it is always a good idea to check the cost of replacement parts. Every car is eventually going to need new filters, hoses, struts, brakes, water pump, etc. An accident might necessitate a new fender, tail lamp assembly, radiator and other parts.

Choose two vehicles and the new RockAuto Repair Index tool automatically queries the millions of parts applications in the RockAuto.com catalog, compares the minimum cost of the most commonly replaced parts and summarizes the results. Comparing the cost of hundreds of parts could not be faster or easier. 'Not enough data' will appear if the two vehicles do not have enough parts in common or the vehicles are too new, old, or exotic.

The tool can also be a lot of fun. Use the tool to back yourself up if you and a friend have an ongoing Ford vs. Chevy or Toyota vs. Volkswagen argument. Hunt around long enough and you can usually even find a vehicle comparison to justify past purchases. "Look darling, parts for my Camaro Z28 only cost 67% of what parts for a Chevy Metro cost. I told you I bought the Z28 because it was a practical car!"

We hope you find the RockAuto Repair Index Tool useful and enjoyable.

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