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Lars Jansson in Lund Sweden

I am a vintage car freak from Sweden who recently came in a deep need of some spare parts to my Toyota Carina -1972. (Pitman-arm and hand brake wire). After a lot of worldwide research I found exactly the parts I needed in your web catalogue! The ordering, payment and shipping went brilliant and the parts are since yesterday added to my car!

Mark Gerber in KY

I just ordered parts for my 04 GTO and saved on hard to find ultra gold AC Delco filters. The last time I was able to find them was years ago. They cost a lot then and less now. Thanks for the quick service. Now I can treat my car right.

Ted in Waukesha, WI

I order my auto parts from RockAuto and am very satisfied. They have an excellent selection, and huge inventory as well as fair prices. Parts always arrive sooner than expected. Keep up the good work!

Mario in NJ

Extremely satisfied with their service. Excellent prices and super fast shipping. I have checked many auto part prices in my area and on the net and nobody even comes close to RockAuto. Simply stated: ROCKAUTO "ROCKS"!

John in Dothan, AL

I ordered 2 parts from the Isuzu dealer: EGR valve ($172.50) and a Rear ABS speed sensor ($177.32). But, they sent the wrong ABS sensor. I found your site just in time! You sent the ABS sensor for $54.89, and while I ordered (and received) the wrong EGR valve, I have the correct one on the way for $55.79. Even with my goof for shipping I am doing pretty well, and the return procedure seemed pretty friendly. I have looked all in your database for more parts, as I have already saved $250.00, but nothing else seems to be broken! The savings alone more than paid for the OBD code reader I bought. Consider me a return customer.

Allen in Cambridge, VT

I recently purchased an antenna for my 1992 Honda from you. I ordered it online, 5 days later I received it. It fit perfectly and it works great. You folks give good service and at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much. I will be back to do business with you again.

Abe in Greenfield, IN

Ordered on Friday my order was received Tuesday-with regular shipping! Great service by both you and FedEx. Their tracking and your link to them made it easy and fun. I have bookmarked your site. Some of your prices- for v-belts, etc.,- are so good I may just do more preventive care to my vehicles.

Lawrence in Horn Lake, MS

Thanks for the super service and great web site!!

Bill in Cary, NC

...You have one of the top customer service outfit on the web!! I ordered my truck parts late on a sunday night and did not expect to receive them until at least a week or so later, but three days later your package was at my front door steps!! WOW-- Not to mention the price--Best anywhere All my parts will come from you guys from now on!

Sean in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Incredible ! I ordered this part yesterday morning and it's now sitting on my desk !! Barely 24 hours after clicking submit on the web page order form !! I was not expecting to receive this part for at least 2 maybe 3 days. With international shipments to Canada, this is not unreasonable (customs inspection, duty forms etc.). I saved over CAD $200 (even with exchange AND duty) Keep up the good work! I will certainly recommend RockAuto to everyone.

Jody in Comayagua, Honduras

Clutch kit arrived in 6 calendar days... to an APO!!! That's insanely excellent service from RockAuto!!!!!

Dusan in Vancouver,BC, Canada

I placed my order before I left for lunch. When I returned from lunch, I got an email from you that the order has been shipped. Wow!!! Usually, the credit card processing takes a couple of days. Not to mention that any of my local dealerships could not get me the part I have ordered.

Hugh in New Brunswick, Canada

Just a note letting you know that I received my requested part yesterday. Thank you for your expedient service and help. You saved me about $400.00 even with the exchange, shipping, and tax. Thanks Again,

Steve in Monterey, CA

To date I've placed two orders with Rock Auto which included parts for both foreign and domestic cars, I couldn't be happier with the service I have received. Good quality parts, good prices, and quick delivery. I've already told my friends about your serivce. Thanks !

Dan in Jackson, MI

You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the prompt shipment and notification.

Kevin in High Ridge, MO

I just wanted to let you all know that you did excellent job delivering my parts. Your website is fast and the most user friendly site I've seen for carparts. I paid for two day shipping and parts were at my door the next door. You did a heck of a job.

Wayne in Wheaton, IL

Great service great prices! Ordered parts at 3:00pm on Wednesday, arrived on Saturday! Thanks for the great service.

Randy in Tallahassee, FL

...Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the excellent service on my recent order. Rockauto was the last place I tried to get parts for my truck. From now on it will be the first. I have a 97 Dodge Dakota and simply wanted a set of quality shocks for it. None of the local auto parts stores could supply Monroe Reflex shocks off the shelf to me. Now I found this suprising considering Dakotas are as common as dirt around here. So I ordered a set locally from a national chain auto parts store, waited a week only to find that they ordered the wrong front shocks. Fed up I decided to try internet auto suppliers for the first time. Most either did not list the shocks or were not detailed in their listings and applications. Then I found Rockauto. You listed the shocks, your catalog was specific, the price was 35% less than any price I had found, your service was blindingly fast and I got the right parts. Nobody could ask for better service than that!! You have gained a devoted customer. Thank you again...

Gene in Louisville, KY

I, like so many others, was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the parts and the fast order processing and shipping of my order. The parts I needed for a repair on a '95 Grand Cherokee were special order from the factory and priced significantly higher. They were packed well (one of my buddies who does work for the local dealer stated they were packaged better than OEM parts) and delivered in less than a week (as promised). You guys ROCK when it comes to auto parts and I will recommend you to all my friends and business associates...

Fred in Santee, CA

I just wanted RockAuto to know that I'm very satisfied with the great prices and selection on Motorcraft brand parts. I recently went to the dealership to buy factory (Motorcraft) plugs and wires for my 2000 Mustang. They were $136.88 for six plugs and a set of wires. No one in town except for the dealer had the items in stock and the order prices were comparable to the dealer. I knew there must be a more cost effective solution than the dealer so I checked around on-line. Many web-sites promised great prices but were very lacking in selection and availability. After finding your site and finding a great selection on a number of other parts for my car, I ordered the Motorcraft plugs and wires from your site for only $69.56. That's including the shipping and handling!! I saved almost 50%!! After looking up a few items for my wife's 2002 Escape and comparing a few other prices on items like brake pads, filters, and belts, I know where I'll be coming for my parts from now on! I'm a firm believer in loyalty when doing business and look forward to placing many more orders for my automotive parts needs in the future. Thank you RockAuto!

Eric in Goffstown, NH

You guys kick butt. I was figuring on looking for an email telling me the package shipped and the tracking number was blah, blah, blah... I opened up the front door and found that the part had already arrived - today...! :-) Thanks for the Great Service...!

Steve in Aurora, CO

Hi just a short note to let you people know this is the best service i have had in a long Time. Thank you ...

Ray B in AZ

I recently ordered a couple of parts from your company as suggested by a club I belong to. I'm extremely pleased with the parts and your service!! I have pasted a copy of the e-mail I sent to the clubs I belong to below. Thankyou again for your prompt handling of my order!!!

...Just wanted to let you and the club all know how my 'dealing' with went. I ordered the parts on a thursday and had them in my hands the following friday (8 days total)!! the parts I ordered were in perfect condition, VERY well packaged and a perfect fit. I could see no difference between the new parts and the ones I removed (except the removed parts were broken!). I sent an e-mail friday after ordering the parts to their 'customer support' address, and asked when I could expect the parts, I got a reply the following day with the Fed EX shipping numbers so I could track them myself!!! GREAT SERVICE from this company...I recommend them highly!!!!!

Jay in Chesapeake, VA

The service was excellent!! I ordered Wednesday afternoon, and they were in my office Thursday morning, I will definately do business with you again. You have the best price on the net for these NGK plugs! Good business!! ...Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas...


Just want to say Thanks. I was searching for a part on the internet and I found your web and it was easy to use and you had the part and it was at a better price than some of the other sites I checked out. I Received it and instaled it and it works great Thanks again and if I need other parts I know where to go now.

George in Jackson , MI

I would like to thank you for your time and service. All my dealings with "RockAuto" have been great and I have and will recommend your services. Again thank-you and have a happy holiday.

Norman in Machesney Park , IL

...just wanted to let you know that my order was received all in good condition, I want to say how pleased we are how fast the order was filled and sent, all the parts are better then expected. Thanks again for the great service, will differently reorder as needed.

Sarah in Rochester , MN

Hi! Some time ago I ordered parts from your website for my 1990 Cavalier Z-24. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people at for such awesome parts and service. Not only was finding the parts I needed super easy, but my parts arrived way sooner than I expected! On top of all that, I paid about half of what the local service shop was > charging for the parts. Definately the best parts buying experience I've had.

Edwin in White Oak , NC

We want you to know how happy we are with your service. Since we sent our payment by check, we anticipated that it would take much longer to receive our order. We placed the order on November 28th and received it on December 5th. Too bad we didn't video tape the moment of would have seen two people literally jumping up and down with joy!!! We were so happy because my Fiance' has been without a heater for quite awhile. I've been letting him use my vehicle so he doesn't freeze his butt off on his way to work. Now...I get my vehicle back and he has heat in his truck!!!! Wahoooooo!!! Thank you so much and I intend to spread the word on how wonderful you are. Oh, one more thing you should know. My Fiance' said "this heater core is better than the original". Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Michael in Cape May Court House , NJ

I placed an order via internet on Tues 12-02-03 and it arrived today Thursday 12-04. This is the absolute fastest delivery of an order that I have ever had from any merchant. Just wanted to send a note to say thanks and I'll recommend you to others.

James in Pasadena , MD

Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you. I will be buying many more parts and telling all my friends what a oustanding job you did filling my order via phone. In this time of customer service being paramount for business your people at Rock Auto hit a Grand Slam...Keep up the great job...Rock Auto Rock's!!

Mike in Klamath Falls , OR

Using your service has been a pleasure.the prices were great as was the customer service.

David in Louisville , KY

Got my parts today, the day after I ordered them. You guys Rock when it comes to auto parts.

Scott in Carleton , MI

Rockauto is number one! With there extremely low prices huge inventory and express shipping I don’t understand why their not on every street corner.

Walt in Lebanon, OR

I got such good service from you folks that you can be assured that my next business will be with you and I am glad to recommend you to my friends.

Phil in Schenectady, NY

Just wanted to send a note concerning the service received on my first order with you. Fantastic!!!! Ordered the parts on Thursday at 9:45 AM and hoped to have them Tuesday. What a surprise to find most of them at my house after work on Friday and the remaining one on the porch on Saturday. Now if they are the right ones :), it could't get any better than this!

Terry in San Antonio, TX

I just went through a bad experience with another online parts dealer called the Shockshop. Wow what a difference with your web site. Prices were good ( and accurate ) and the web site was easy to use...

Marcos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just to thank you for the excellent dispatch and customer service. I got the part at our mail office last week. For sure I'll be placing new orders in the near future. I'm a happy/satisfied customer!! :) Thanks again!

James in Winfield, IL

'Just a note to thank you for your unbelievable service. For the second time, my order was received next business day (I thought the first time might have been a fluke...). Your site is the best one I have found, complete and easy to navigate, great prices and your shipping speed is truly amazing. You have obviously put a lot of effort into your organization. It shows and is appreciated.

Lloyd in Wichita, KS

I really appreciate the super fast service, and shipping! Did a web search on the monroe shocks I wanted, and you guys came up. I'm glad you did! Even with shipping, I saved about $30 compared to the local stores here who did not even have them in stock, and would have to order them in themselves. I ordered via web on Thursday evening, not expecting them to be here until monday or tuesday, and they arrived Saturday morning! And saturday night I was cruising around town with my new shocks on! And I also like your catalog search on the internet, it's pretty cool and fast! You definately earned a repeat customer here!

Kerry in St. Louis, MO

... I very much appreciate your immediate attention regarding shipment of the ordered repair manual for my Dodge Spirit. Several acquaintances have expressed their apprehension about ordering auto parts via the Internet; receiving the proper part over the counter can be uncertain enough. Please be advised that I most certainly will recommend RockAuto to all of my friends and family...

Daniel in Shelby, IN

DUDE This is sweet!!!, I ordered a $60.00 dealer part (I priced the parts before I ordered) that my local parts stores did'nt stock and only paid $34.00 at Rock Auto. I sent my order at 4:12PM and it was sent at 4:45 (unbelievable), I received the part at 11AM (I only paid for economy shipping) the next morning!!! Here it is less than 24 hours later with the part installed and sit in awe!!!! Without a doubt, I'll use Rock auto, Or go without!!!!!!

Clyde in Metropolis, IL

Thank you Rock Auto! I was searching for a cruise control transducer for my show truck and found your site. I called you and ordered the part. The price was less than half of other suppliers. I received an e-mail confirmation ... while I was on the phone ordering the part. The next morning I received notice that the part was shipped and I could track its progress. I figured I would wait a day or two, since it seemed like it would take a few days to receive the part. To my surprise, when I got home that day my part was setting on my door step. I could not believe that in 24 hours I had my part in my hand. WHAT QUICK SERVICE! The part worked super. This was my first order and will not be my last. I have advised my Automotive student about your quick service and reasonable parts. If you ever produce a printed catalog please let me know! Thanks again for your great parts and service!

Dawit in Eagan, MN

I was in real need of good shocks and had been looking at Napa and TireRack for the monroe sensa trac shock and they were pretty high. I was about to place my order thru napa when I did a search engine search for shocks and your company came up... boy was I ever glad... your price was unbeatable and I placed the order online and the shocks came in fast... My mechanic could not believe the price I paid for them...way to go... you have definately won a customer for life and will be buying more parts from you.... Thank you...

Joy in Deer Trail, CO

I wanted to thank you for your great service! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I live in rural Colorado and have ordered from you twice, with no problems, and the right parts! I can not even get that from Napa when I have to drive a 40 mile round trip!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis in Mahopac, NY

You guys really ROCK (no pun intended) I ordered this on 10/22 and it's in my hands on 10/23. Great job. Will recomend you and keep you in mind for future orders. Thanks again......

James in Augusta, ME

...order arrived at my home at approx. 2:00 pm on fri. oct 10th. i am very impressed with your service and will be contacting you with all possible automotive needs again well done thank you.

Stephen in Shelbyville, IN

Got my order today........So happy.........Your price and delivery speed is second to none.

Ron in Lockport, Il

Fabulous Service... Thank You.... Ordered Monday late afternoon, received Wednesday! I'll be back again when I need auto parts. Well Done!

Marc in Oak Lawn, Il

All I can say is holly cow what a deal.Placed order on Saturday here on Tuesday and at a great price. If I don't need it same day You will get all my parts needs.

Patrick in Prospect Heights, IL

Ordered pretty much a complete exhaust system last Tuesday morning (the catalytic converter plus all the parts back). Priced the stuff at Napa and it was stocked at their local warehouse in Naperville, IL, about two miles from where I work. They were the IDENTICAL parts and part numbers from Walker that you carry. I did not really want to wait for mail ship so I ran your prices and took them in there. They were $425 after IL tax and you were $312 including $40 shipping. They would not budge on price and essentially wanted me to leave their store as other customers saw that they were 33% more expensive than you for the same exact parts. Needless to say, I ordered from you-regular ground ship. Lo and behold the parts were sitting in my house that Thursday afternoon. TWO BUSINESS DAYS-GREAT JOB. I had expected over a week. Bottom line is a savings of over $100 for the same goods and quick shipping. Could not be happier. Thanks, Rockauto, goodbye Napa.

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