Supply Chain Manager

Position Description

At RockAuto, Supply Chain Managers have end-to-end responsibility for order processing -- from website to warehouse shelf to customer door -- and continuously improve each link in that chain to deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. As our customers will tell you, it works!

As a Supply Chain Manager, you will:

  • Ensure pricing, inventory and other data relevant to your warehouse are accurately reflected in our online catalog
  • Streamline and automate warehouse processes to ensure orders ship on time, properly packaged
  • Increase sales of products from your warehouse by obtaining additional part information for our catalog, negotiating better pricing, or whatever you think will be most effective
  • Resolve problems with customer orders -- and use that experience to identify weak links in the supply chain, test your diagnosis with data, and create and implement durable solutions to those problems

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Desire and ability to work independently, initiating and executing your own projects without direct supervision
  • Advanced computer skills -- we are an e-commerce company and we make decisions based on data
  • Desire to work in a position that will have an immediate impact on business
  • Familiarity with car model names, part descriptions and other automotive terms

Must be able to work full time from our Madison, WI office and have the ability to work for any US employer without visa sponsorship.

Preferred but not required:

  • Analytical or quantitative degree (business, supply-chain and/or operations management, information technology, engineering or computer science preferred)
  • Ability to use Microsoft Access or other relational database tools/languages to query data for analysis and effective decision making
  • Familiarity with SAP or other order processing/inventory management systems
  • Foreign language skills (we have translated our catalog into French, German and Spanish already and would like to expand our ability to communicate with customers all over the world)

Additional Perspective

RockAuto is an online retailer that bases its decisions on data. We rely on Supply Chain Managers to bring meaning to those data, reducing complexity for customers and vendors alike. Those who excel are not necessarily wizards with technology or authorities on arcane logistics concepts, but they have a record of engaging stakeholders, forging partnerships, and expressing themselves with precision in any context. Successful Supply Chain Managers are not just content with evaluating and monitoring their supply chain (although both are essential job functions) -- they actively pursue novel techniques to nurture business systems and identify opportunities to streamline them. If adding clarity to a concept that seems gnarled to others -- whether by diagramming a process in a flow chart, using a clever analogy, or just picking up the phone to work through a tricky problem with a counterpart -- is a skill found in your toolkit, we want to hear from you.

Why RockAuto?

Strategic and tactical impact. Our relationships with our suppliers, our reputation with our customers, and our ultimate profitability as a business depend on what you do.

Strong growth, unique business model. RockAuto has posted 15+ years of double-digit sales growth. We present products and information in ways that are relevant and compelling for online consumers and we deliver on what our catalog promises -- with quality and efficiency competitors struggle to match. You will play a key role in extending that leadership.

Career building. People who tend to do well at RockAuto are those who enjoy tackling challenges with detail-oriented enthusiasm and taking on a variety of responsibilities. Working here truly is a "job of many hats." By using our software and other database management systems, your base skill level will grow into an arsenal of supply chain, product and data-analysis knowledge. Our "promote from within" philosophy and encouragement of implementable ideas -- proposed by any employee -- make working at RockAuto professionally and personally fulfilling.

Open, friendly environment. Everyone sits in an open space, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Our flat structure creates transparency and enables near-constant implementation of employees' creative ideas and solutions. Office outings, like the annual winter holiday party, are a great way to connect with fellow employees.

Excellent compensation. RockAuto offers competitive wages, overtime pay for all positions, a generous allowance of paid holidays and personal time off, affordable health insurance, a Simplified Employee Pension for employees with qualifying tenure and a tradition of rewarding individual results and sharing the fruits of company success.

Madison, WI is a great place to live. Madison is uniquely centered on an isthmus between two beautiful lakes. It is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the US. Both a capital city and hip college town, Madison provides affordable housing, excellent schools and a wide range of entertainment options and recreational activities.

How to Apply

If interested, please email a cover letter and resume in PDF format to In your cover letter please explain why you would be a good fit as a RockAuto Supply Chain Manager and include your GPA (if not listed on your resume). Applications that exclude a cover letter will NOT be considered.