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Automotive Parts Distribution International (APDI), a member of the Enterex Group, produces automotive cooling products with a focus on high quality standards in the heating and cooling parts market. The Enterex Group is one of the largest world-class, vertically integrated professional aftermarket cooling manufacturers in the world.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered and manufactured under ISO TS16949 quality system
  • 100% Leak Tested
  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Design features like the reinforced B-Tube for better rigidity, reduced chance of leaks
  • Aluminum oil coolers for increased heat transfer to improve oil cooler efficiency
  • Plastic tanks are cast with ribbing inside or out for added strength

APDI's Testing Process

APDI's products are validated through a series of tests which are all completed in-house in their testing lab.

  • Thermal Cycle Testing - Verify radiators ability to withstand the effects of thermostat opening in cold ambient conditions
  • Pressure Cycle Testing - Demonstrates robustness to concurrent pressure cycling and vibration
  • Salt Water Acidified Acceleration (SWAAT) - Measures corrosion resistance
  • Heat Transfer Testing - Validates radiator efficiency
  • Leak Test - Identify any coolant circuit leaks
  • Burst Pressure Test - Determines the maximum internal pressure before fin collapse and leakage occurs

How to Measure a Radiator

ConstructionPlastic Tank Aluminum
Core Depth (in)1-1/4
Core Height (in)17-7/8
Core Width (in)26
Inlet Connection (in)1-1/2
Outlet Connection (in)1-1/2
Trans Oil Cooler (in)6
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): C9AE8005E, C9AE8005F, C9AE8005G, C9AE8005H, D00E8005A, D00E8005B, D00E8005H, D00E8005K, D0AE8005F, D0AE8005H, D0AE8005J, D0OE8005A, D0OE8005B, D0OE8005H, D0OE8005K, D0VE8005A, D1AE8005EA, D1AE8005FB, D1AE8005GA, D1AE8005HA, D1AE8005JA, D1AE8005KA, D1CE8005CA, D1OE8005CA, D1OE8005HA, D1VE8005AA, D1VE8005AB, D1VE8005AC, D1ZE8005AB, D1ZE8005BB, D1ZE8005CA, D1ZE8005DA, D1ZE8005EA, D1ZE8005GA, D2WE8005AA, D2ZE8005CA, D2ZE8005EA, D2ZE8005EB, D2ZE8005EC, D2ZE8005LB, D2ZE8005MA, D2ZE8005MB, D7FH8005AA, D7FH8005BA, D7FH8005CA

APDI/PRO Warranty Information:
12 Months
Warranty Details