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Original Green; 1 Gallon; Low-Silicate; IAT

Zerex Original Green Antifreeze/Coolant is proven to maximize engine life in older passenger cars and light trucks made by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mazda and others which specify a low silicate containing green formula with Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT). Relied upon for decades by automakers worldwide, Zerex is made for your car and protects better than industry standards against corrosion, leaking, deposits as well as freezing and boiling the four main causes of cooling system failure.

Zerex IAT formula includes a special inorganic additive that protects from corrosion, scale and rust so radiators, water pumps and other metal cooling system parts (including aluminum) stay clean, and your antifreeze flows and functions properly from the moment you start your engine. Zerex Original Green Antifreeze/Coolant contains low silicates and no borates, 2-EHA, amines or nitrites. So whether you're topping off your radiator or doing a complete system flush, trust Zerex Original Green Antifreeze/Coolant.

Features & Benefits:
  • PHOSPHATE ADDITIVES SAFEGUARD AGAINST CORROSION, SCALE AND RUST while protecting all cooling system metals (including aluminum)
  • HIGH-QUALITY ADDITIVES PROTECT AGAINST LEAKS and won't harm gaskets, hoses, plastics or original vehicle finish
  • PREDILUTED GREEN FORMULA IS READY-TO-USE in a 50/50 ratio with deionized water to protect all modern engine components from winter freezing (-34F) and summer boiling (265F).
  • GREEN CONCENTRATE FORMULA should be mixed with clean tap water or demineralized water at 50/50 ratio for temperatures -34 to 265F; 60/40 for -62 to 270F; and 70/30 for -84 to 267F
  • 5 YEAR/150,000 MILE GUARANTEE protects against engine failure caused by freeze-ups or boil-overs
  • BATCH-TESTED IN THE LAB, FLEET-TESTED IN THE REAL WORLD to help car and truck owners achieve optimal performance and maximize engine life.
Prediluted formula contains 50% distilled or deionized water, mixed with 50% full-strength concentrate, making it ready-to-use straight from the bottle.

Concentrated formula contains 100% full-strength concentrate, and must be mixed with the recommended ratio and type of water (typically distilled or deionized) before use.
Formulation Certifications

ZEREX Original Green is formulated to meet or exceed the following antifreeze specifications:

  • ASTM D3306 Ford ESE-M97B44-A
  • ASTM D4985
  • Chrysler MS 7170
  • Cummins 90T8-4
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE298
  • Federal Specification A-A-870A
  • Navistar MPAPS B-1 Type I
  • GM 1825M
  • GM 1899M
  • SAE J1034
  • SAE J1941
  • SAE J814C
  • TMC of ATA RP-302B
Coolant / Antifreeze Says a lot about Cooling System Health!

Routinely inspect your Coolant / Antifreeze with these simple checks, and flush the system when necessary, to help prolong the life of your Cooling System:


Coolant should be bright, clear and free of debris. Dirty or brown coolant can be caused by:

  • A blown Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Corrosion from imbalanced coolant chemistry
Oil Coolant
Oil in Coolant

Use Coolant / Antifreeze Test Strips to test condition / chemistry. Poor coolant condition can be caused by:

  • Frequently topping off with water
  • Improper dilution / mixing coolant formulas
Coolant Test Strip
Test Strip Process

Use an Electrical Tester to Test Coolant for Electrolysis. Common causes of Electrolysis include:
  • Stray electrical current from a loose or damaged Battery Cable ground
  • Worn / old, acidic coolant
Electrical Tester
A reading of 0.4 volts or above
suggests electrolysis

How To Flush Coolant

Additional Resources

Additional Product Information
Antifreeze is recyclable! Many towns have free waste drop-off sites, which a quick internet search will help you find.

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