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  • Precisely calibrated valving combinations to best simulate OE ride and feel
  • Coil springs are electrostatic coated for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Includes Freudenberg NOK seals, mirror-finished, hard-chrome piston rod, and premium OE Eneos oil for long-life and consistent dampening
  • Urethane rubber bumper is long lasting and absorbs harsh, damaging road impact and noise
  • Brackets are reinforced to handle even the worst road conditions
  • Durability, fit and road tested for long life, ease of installation, and performance
Noise can occur due to improper mount loading during installation. This can result in mount damage or a crushed bearing. Prevent noise by following the proper installation procedure for strut assemblies.

Benefits of a Shock / Strut & Coil Spring Assembly

Purchasing only the bare strut is less expensive up-front, but a complete Shock / Strut & Coil Spring Assembly provides added benefits:

Simpler and Safer Installation: Unlike a bare strut replacement, the complete assembly does not require a spring compressor or other special tools, making installation quicker and safer.
Saves Money and Labor Cost: The cost of the assembly is often cheaper than buying the components individually, and means you only have to do the job once.

FCS Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime