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GPD 3443C  
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GPD 3443C Specifications
Condenser Core TypeParallel Flow

Features & Benefits

  • All aluminum construction for maximum heat transfer
  • Zinc coated for additional corrosion protection
  • Pressure leak tested for long lasting performance
  • Shipped in reinforced packaging to reduce damage
Benefits of Additional Corrosion Protection

Aluminum doesn't rust but can corrode, especially when exposed to road salt and other elements on the front of a vehicle. Corrosion is an insulator, reducing a condenser's heat exchange capacity and putting extra wear on the A/C Compressor and other components. Corrosion may cause a puncture, venting environmentally harmful refrigerant into the air and requiring an expensive repair and recharge. A condenser with Additional Corrosion Protection extends the lifespan of the whole A/C system!

Installation Tips
  • Old Refrigerant must be removed from the system in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Replace the A/C System O-Rings / Seals connected to the A/C Condenser to prevent a Refrigerant leak.
  • If the new A/C Condenser does not have an integrated drier, replace the A/C Receiver Drier / Accumulator as well. After opening your A/C System, this part becomes saturated with moisture and needs to be replaced.
  • After installing the new A/C Condenser, evacuate the system for at least 45 minutes to remove any moisture. Make sure it holds vacuum for at least 5 minutes. If it does not, you may have a leak in the system. Find the leaking component and repair or replace it.
  • Recharge the system with the correct amount and type of Refrigerant as specified in your Owner's Manual.

How it Works: Condenser (Automotive A/C)

Additional Resources

Tech Tip: Late Model Condensers Cannot Be Flushed...Only Replaced
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 3443, 64509169791, 64539229022

Warranty Information:
12 Months