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All Westar air suspension products are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications on quality, fit, and function. Westar's factories use only top quality components, and manufacture to strict ISO, QS, and TS Standards, as well as others.

Installation Information

Air Compressor failure is typically the result of a leak or other issue in the air suspension system. To ensure that your new compressor will work without issue, you should do the following, prior to installation:

  • Check for blown fuses and ensure the relay is working properly. A failed Air Suspension Compressor Relay is a top cause of air compressor failure. They normally fail in the “closed” position and should be replaced during compressor installation
  • Check and replace the Air Springs if they are showing signs of cracks, deterioration, moisture, or are leaking. Complete Air Strut assemblies, which include the Mount and Air Spring, can be found in the Strut category
  • Verify that the air line and wiring harnesses are connected without signs of physical damage
  • Ensure that the fittings and valve connections are fully seated and undamaged. Make sure that the air line is secured at the proper depth
  • Check the electrical connections and the orientation of the Ride Height Sensor arms
  • Check all Air Suspension Solenoid connections and fittings; inspect for any cracks or other damage
  • Inspect the air lines for kinks, holes or other damage

Looking To Convert Your Air Suspension To a Coil Over Suspension?

If you like the load-leveling capabilities, or if you tow with your vehicle, then you should repair the original air suspension system.

If not, and you are tired of the high cost of replacing air suspension components, conversion components can be found for most vehicles under the Coil Spring, Strut / Coil Spring / Mount Assembly and/or Suspension Conversion Kit categories, in the RockAuto catalog, depending on the vehicle setup.

WESTAR Warranty Information:
12 month/12,000 mile