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CONTINENTAL 67288 Specifications
End 2 Hose Inside Diameter1.440"
Hose 1 Inside Diameter1.440"
Hose 1 Length11.290"
Continental Hose is designed to transfer glycol-based coolants to and from the radiator as well as through other components in the vehicle's coolant system.

Features & Benefits:
  • Built to original configurations to assure proper fit
  • EPDM tube and cover with synthetic knit reinforcement
  • Resistant to Electrochemical Degradation (ECD)
  • Compatible with most coolants including ethylene glycol- and propylene glycol-based coolants, as well as organic acid modified, long-life coolants
  • Temperature range of -40F to 275F (-40C to 135C)
  • Meets or exceeds SAE 20R4EC Class D1 or SAE 20R3EC Class D1 / Class D2 specifications as well as many OE specifications
Service Tip: Squeeze along the hose and feel for inconsistencies; replace any hose that is soft, spongy or crunchy.
Cooling System Maintenance | Tips & Tools

Without regular maintenance, cooling system components will degrade and fail prematurely, which can lead to costly engine damage. Protect your engine with simple preventative maintenance:

  • Completely drain and flush the system using Cooling System Flush prior to installation. Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure.
  • Consider replacing the Thermostat and Radiator Cap as part of routine preventative maintenance. System contamination can cause these parts to degrade and fail over time, which can lead to severe engine damage from overheating.
  • Refill radiator with fresh Coolant / Antifreeze according to the volume and formula specified in your Owner's Manual. Inspect levels and condition every year.

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CONTINENTAL Warranty Information:
12 Months