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Advanced Technology; Drilled & Slotted
Raybestos® Specialty Truck Rotors are the ultimate solution for noise-prone applications, including truck, medium duty and school bus applications. Vehicle-specific cooling vane configurations and application-specific iron combine to dampen noise and improve brake responsiveness. This ensures super smooth and ultra-quiet braking over a longer period of time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Iron Material maximizes noise suppression
  • Higher thermal conductivity keeps brakes running cool, quiet, and vibration free
  • Cooling Vanes match OE specifications to ensure optimal cooling, reduced fade, and increased pad life
  • Either fully coated with a Grey Fusion 4.0™ coating or a black fusion coated hat for rust protection
  • Meets the SAE standard for tensile strength, providing structural integrity and maximum service life
  • Turned finish minimizes noise and improves responsiveness for smoother stops
  • Lateral runout of 0.002” or less and a minimal thickness variation of less than 0.0004”, ensuring less pedal pulsation, less brake noise, and extended pad life

RAYBESTOS Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime: All products except R-Line Calipers. 18 Months / 18,000 Miles: R-Line Calipers. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Normal/uneven wear is not covered.